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How to prevent epididymitis

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1) Keep a good mood and avoid excessive work; take proper exercises such as Qigong and Taiji to strength constitution; avoid catching cold and delaying urination; have a regular live and keep smooth defecation.

2) Keep balance between work and rest; avoid drinking, smoking and spicy food; keep smooth defecation; avoid long time of sitting and frequent sexy life; take hip bath with warm water.

3) Avoid taking food with high cholesterol and it’s advisable to eat less "red meat"(refers to the pig, beef and mutton which are of high cholesterol and eat more "white meat" (refers to chicken and fish which are of low cholesterol. It is good for the prevention of the hyperplasia of prostate.

4) Avoiding eat spicy food and damp-heat materials; prevent the difficult urination due to the excitement of sympathetic nerve which are because of the cold attacking the lower limbs, excessive sexual life and delaying of urination. Continue to read Seminal Vesiculitis in TCM.

5) Strengthen the health education and avoid sexual life before marriage. Use the condoms during the sexual life to prevent the sexual diseases; take treatment in time if people get the urethritis to prevent the epididymitis.

6) Take treatment in time if people get the venereal disease to prevent the epididymitis.

7) Support the scrotum when moving to relieve the pain; for the people with the chronic sious, it is necessary to change the medicine frequently. 

8) Pay attention to lie in bed for rest and drink more water during the acute period; support the scrotum with the cloth to avoid falling.

9) Cold application is taken during the acute period and the hot application is taken during the chronic period. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Seminal Vesiculitis.

10) The semen phaseoli or green bean soup is good for clearing away heat and remove the toxins.

11) Avoid the sexual life before the diseased is cured to prevent from the hyperemia.

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