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Traditional Chinese medicine (short for TCM) is medical science with a history of thousands of years. Up to now, TCM plays an irreplaceable role for people's health care. TCM takes the leading position in the fields of the world's traditional medicine. This owes to TCM's own theoretical scientificity and its advantages. Nowadays, with the changes of spectrum of disease, the arrival of aging society, the change of health concept, the advantage of TCM is getting more and more obvious. TCM scientificity and advancement have caught close attention of academic and industrial world. Admittedly, TCM has at least FIVE characteristics and advantages.

1. TCM provides the world people an efficient path to realize the complicated system of human body.
According to the wholistic concept in TCM, human life activity is a dynamic but relative balance process. This process is interacted and maintained under the action of internal and external environment. TCM believes fitness is a condition that man is in the balance state of Yin and Yang. On the contrary, the imbalance of Yin and Yang leads to organic, functional morbid state. TCM never looks into a "disease" isolately, while TCM considers a "disease" as an integral whole, believing that the "disease" is caused by internal and external environment, the imbalance of Yin and Yang at certain time. So, when treating a disease, TCM eliminates the " Evils" and strengthens the body resistance at the same time. TCM always stresses the role of upright force(vital energy). Its aim is to treat the disease by ajusting the organic and functional state of the body. This health concept has been generally accepted by the world people.

2. TCM's cognitive approaches to laws of life activity, and its individualized diagnosis and treatment system reflects the features of wholistic medicine.
In TCM, man is an integral part of nature. Human body is the entirety of body and spirits. The functional status of the body is the reflection to internal and external environment. To understand this means the complete grasp of the change rules of the life activity. Therefore, TCM doctors not only pay attention to the internal facts (body conditions) but also the external facts (natural environment). Based on this, when facing different people with the same disease, TCM doctors treat him/her with different therapeutic principles, different composition of prescriptions, and different selection of herbs. This is what we call "TCM individualized diagnosis and treatment". This is the secret why TCM can cure diseases.

3. TCM therapeutic methods are various and flexible, which accords with the characteristic of the variety of physiology and pathology.
TCM treats diseases by both herbal meidicine and non-medicinal therapy. TCM also uses internal and external therapy. Chinese medicine prescriptions are commonly used. The prescriptions are made up of different effective ingredients that are specific for body multi-factor. Chinese herbs are well choosen to treat difficult miscellaneous diseases. Besides herbal medicines, acupuncture and Tuina are used to treat different diseases since ancient times. In one word, TCM can increase the physical constitution and living quality of the people.

4. Vast TCM classic medical works is the gaint treasury of human biological information. The existing TCM classic medical works have numbered 8,000, which record the theoretical and practical experiences for thousands of years. This is unique in the world! TCM fully embodies the combinations of natural sciences and social sciences, showing the new trend of integration of modern science. TCM system info and thinking model are full of Chinese cultural deposits. It reflects the integration and unify among natural sciences, social sciences, and humane studies.

5. The prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are unique in the world.
TCM herbal prescriptions are effective for different chronic diseases. They have at least 5 charicteristics: 1) Chinese medicine for treating disease has a history of thousands of years, and the prescriptions have formed gradually  through long clinical practice. 2) TCM plays attention to the relationship between the nature and the human, and the relationship of each viscera. TCM focuses on the wholism and the diseases should be treated based on syndrome differentiation. 3) Chinese medicine formula requires reasonable collocation, and the prescriptions will be more effective if the principle of monarch(jun), minister(chen), adjuvant(zuo) and guide(shi) herbs in a prescription. 4) TCM takes effects on many parts of the body and treats the disease overall; and it focuses on strengthening body resistaance and eliminating evils. 5). Different from western medicine, traditional Chinese is not easily to cause drug resistance; while many western medicines such as antibiotic would fall into disuse after a period of time.

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