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Acupuncture Single Points for hyperthyroidism
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Hyperthyroidism results from the reason that the morbid stale of thyroid gland secretes excessive thyroid gland hormone. This disease is found more in women; and the morbidity is high with the young and middle-aged. In clinically, it manifested as hyper-metabolism syndrome, increasing nerve excitability, goiter and exophthalmos to some extend, for instance, there are symptoms like palpitation, irritable and fluctuating mood, good appetite  and thin physique, feeling hot and sweating, dry mouth and hot and accompanied with swelling thyroid gland and exophthalmos, etc. This disease belongs to the category of  "goitre", " palpitation", etc in TCM. It is mainly caused by internal injury of the seven human  emotions, or improper diet, suppressed liver and  accumulating  phlegm, the liver fire and irritated stomach, which give rise to the impair the heart and liver, and consequently lead to the fire excess from yin deficiency. Treating principles are to disperse the depressed liver-energy, reduce phlegm, invigorate yin and lower fire.

1. Futu (LI18)
Be aware the depth of pricking the Points L118.  Generally, acupuncture for 0.5-0.8 cun, and attach attention to the direction of acupuncture. Acupuncture should avoid vascular to prick 0.5 cun and then twist the needle. Reinforce or reducing according to deficiency and excess. remain for 30 minutes, adopt every other day, and three months for a treatment.

2. Pingying Point
He points is 0.5 cun bilateral to the the midpoint of 3-5 Jiaji, acupuncture for 0.8-1 cun and slightly twist and lift the needle. The needle sensation should be reached downward to the adam's apple of the foreneck. Select 1-2 points of the lump area to prick if the goitre is swelling and acupuncture the needle from outside into the basal part of the lump obliquely. Twist slightly, lift and maintain for 30 minutes. Apply it for every other day and three months for a treatment.

3. Taichong (LR3)
Applly point injection therapy. Disinfect the bilateral LR3 Point and extract 5 ml of sterilization water for per time, and needle vertically, Acupuncture at an angle of 45° obliquely and withdraw when you have sense of needling and then inject the injection. Inject 2.5 ml for per acupoint and adopt it once every other 3 days.

4. Shangtianzhu Piont
It is an extra point, 0.5 cun above the Tianzhu acupoint and used for the patients of endogenous exophthalmos. Acupuncture BL10 at the depth of 1-1.2 cun without pricking too deep. Twist the needle and make the needling sensation transmit to the ocular region to achieve better effect. Adopt reinforcing and reducing method according to insufficiency and excessiveness condition. Remain the needle for 30 minutes and apply it every other day. Three months for a treatment.

5. Xiannei Point
It is an extra point located 0.1 cun lateral to 1/3 of the line connecting Adam's apple and RN22. Methods: Adopt conventional aseptic operation. Embed NO.0-1 medical catgut in the acupoint with a needle at the depth of 0.5 cm after local anesthesia. The length of the catgut is about 4-5 cm. Embed it once every 2 months. It can be embedded 2-3 catguts for one side for those with sever goiter.

Treatment of acupuncture can not only control clinical manifestation while treating hyperthyroidism effectively. More attention should be paid to acupuncture method, and notice to needle the lump edge 2/3 to the lump obliquely when select local acupoints, combining some ancient methods of " Pangzhenci (Proximal needling)", "qici (Triple puncture) " and" heguci (Hegu puncture)", etc., which could make some lump disappear gradually, and help to improve the clinical curative effect of the hyperthyroidism.

A patient should happy emotion while treating, relieve nervous spirit, avoid being over excited, prevent from the internal injury of the seven human emotions carefully and pay attention to striking a proper balance between work and rest. The patient should also take in enough nutriment like calorie, sugar, protein and vitamin etc.

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