Endocrine Diseases

Acupuncture Single Points for simple obesity
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Simple obesity refers to not obvious endocrine-metabolic---- excessive accumulation of body fat diseases caused by metabolism factors. Excluding the impact factors such as retention of sodium and water as well as muscle, the actual weight exceeds the standard weight by 20% of patients often accompanied by loss of abnormal appetite, abnormal sleep, sweating, dry mouth, abnormal symptoms of feces. The disease usually caused by abnormal function of the spleen and stomach, qi disorders to lead to obesity. Obesity easily associated with diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and various infectious diseases. Acupuncture treatment has the function of dampness and phlegm expelling, fat removing and meridian dredging.

1. Shangjuxu (ST37)
Acupuncture ST37 on both sides with fast needling method at the depth of 1. 5 cun. Adopt lifting, inserting and twisting practices and remain the needles for 30 minutes after obtaining the needling sensation. Apply it once a day or every other day, generally 10-12 times as a treatment with an interval of 5-7 days, with the treatments of two or more cycles.

2. Jianfei Point
It is an extra point, located in the middle point of the groin and ST25. Insert 1 cun obliquely from the outside to inward with the right hand. And then stimulate with even continuous wave of the electro-acupuncture apparatus after obtaining the needling sensation once a day and 0.5 hours each. Take slimming massage appropriately for 10 minutes after withdrawing the needles and 12 times for one course of treatment.

Acupuncture has function in treating obesity. It can adjust the neural and endocrine function in obese patients. The higher and longer the treatment is, the treatment efficacy of acupuncture will be obtained. Therefore patients are advised to stick on. Acupuncture treatment time varies from person to person. Patients are advised to stick on consolidated treatment for 1-2 courses even though they have achieve set weight after acupuncture inn case relapse.
Obesity should be enjoined to control his diet and adjust recipes. Persist in physical training; select appropriate training projects and ways and go on step-by-step.
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