Acupuncture Single Points for amenorrhea
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Amenorrhea is female of growth normally who does not have menstrual onset when over 18 years old, or have had menstrual cycle but with 3 months interruption (excluding fetation and lactation). In modern medicine, the former is named primary amenorrhea, the latter is called secondary amenorrhea. Amenorrhea may come about as a result of innate deficiency, insufficient of kidney-qi, or hyper-exertion, which impair the spleen and stomach, source of generating qi and blood will be deficiency; invalidism and serious disease lead to depletion of yingfen and xuefen, consequently the blood source dried up, and lead to vacuity of Blood Sea and hemorrhagic amenorrhea ; or catching cold, the blood coagulated: or depressed emotion, functional activity of qi is not smooth, which leading to stagnation of vital energy and blood stasis, impatency of uterus meridians, then amenorrhea with blood stasis becomes. Therapeutic principle is tonifying spleen and kidney, nourishing the blood and regulating menstruation, or warming the meridians and dispelling pathogenic cold, promoting qi to activate blood, and removing blood stasis and promoting the channels.

1. Shenque (RN8)
Let the patient lay on the stomach, and put a piece of fresh ginger on the umbilicus, which should be cut into 0.2-0.3 cm thick (thickness should be uniformity, and the size is based on the location of moxibustion and the size of moxa cones). Puncture some pores in the centre of the piece of ginger, then put a moxa cone on the ginger, and kindle it. When the patient feels scorching hot, bring up the ginger piece a little, and then put it down again. Generally, moxibustion with 3-5 cones every time should be in the degree of erubescence.

2. Shiqizhui (EX-B8)
Let the patient be prone position, with routine sterilization, needle Shiqizhui perpendicularly at the depth of about 2-2.5 cun with 3 cun 30 gauge filiform needle. Use twirling and rotating methods of acupuncture in order to have the sensation of sour and distension. Retain the needle for 15-20 minutes with manipulating the needles 2-3 times. Treatment is done once every day or every other day.

3. Sanyinjiao (SP6)
Let the patient be sitting or dorsal position, with routine sterilization, choose sanyinjiao both side, and needle perpendicularly at the depth of about 1-1.5 cun with 1.5-2 curt 28 gauge filiform needle. On the basis of asthenia and sthenia of the pathogenetic condition, the acupuncturist should choose reinforcing, reducing method or even method after obtaining the qi with medium intensity stimulation, and retain them for 30 minutes and manipulating the needles 2 times.

1. Acupuncture and moxibustion has a better therapeutic effect on amenorrhea. But course of treatment is a little long, the patient should be in close cooperation and insist on treatment. After menstrual bleeding has been recover, treatment should be maintenance to solidify the therapeutic effect.

2. Instruct the patient to avoid over exertion, addiction to uncooked and cold food, get wet in the rain or to wade. Regulate emotion, and prevent angry, irritation and distress, which is significant in prophylaxis and anesis of amenia.
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