Acupuncture Single Points for cervicitis
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Cervicitis can divided into acute and chronic cervicitis, and the latter is seen mostly. Morbidity reaches to over 50% in married women. Acute cervicitis is seen less clinically, the main manifestation of which is more leucorrhea with purulence. Meanwhile, the patient may appear low-grade fever, aching pain of lumbar and back, inferior belly feeling bearing-down pain, and irritation sign of bladder. Generally, chronic cervicitis has no rational symptom, which manifested with more leucorrhea with yellow-white color and pus, or inclusion of blood streak, and contact bleeding. Owing to irritation of leucorrhea, symptoms may be accompanied by pruritus vulvae, gas pains of inferior belly and lumbosacral area, which aggravating when menstrual period, defecation, and sexual life. In TCM, it belongs to fluor. It mostly caused by invasion of damp toxin, heat-transmission, or internal damage by the excessive seven emotions, improper diet and overtiredness, wet heat empty to empty, which will damage ren and dai channels. Therapeutic principle is invigorating the spleen and tonifying qi, warming kidney to promote yang, and clearing heat and dampness.

1.Daimai (GB 26)
(1) Use acupuncture-therapy. Let the patient be dorsal position, with routine sterilization, needle it perpendicularly at the depth of about 1.5 cun with 2 cun 28 gauge filiform needle. Adopt twirling and rotating method after obtaining the qi with medium intensity irritation. It should be retained for 30 minutes during which it is manipulated 2 times. Treatment is done once every other day, and 10 times make up a course of treatment.

(2) Laser acupuncture therapy: Choose He-Ne laser acupuncture of 3-25 mW, and the diameter of light spot is 0.2 cm-0.3 cm. to irradiate 5 minutes with the distance of 2-5 cm. The therapy is done once per day or every other day, and 10 times make up a course of treatment.

2. Sanyinjiao(SP6)
Use point-injection therapy: Let the patient be sitting or dorsal position, with routine sterilization; choose 5 or 6 gauge pinhead to needle the point with parenteral solution of astragalus mongholicus of 2 ml. After obtaining qi, inject 0.5-1 ml medication slowlv. The treatment is done once per day or every other day, and 10 times make up one course of treatment.

3. Zhongji (RN3)
Let the patient lay on the back, with routine sterilization, needle perpendicularly at the depth of about 1.5 cun with 2 cun 28 gauge filiform needle (should empty the bladder). After obtaining the qi, continuously rotate the needles in order to let the sensation of needles radiate to lower abdomen, and retain the needle for 30 minutes with manipulating the needles 2 times. Treatment is done once every day, and t0 times make up one course of treatment. Acupuncture with warming needle also can be used.

4. Baliao (shang, ci, zhong, xialiao) (BL31, 32, 33, 34) Use dermal needle therapy. Let the patient prone position, with routine sterilization, then use the dermal needle to tap the region around the points, which should make the patient feel a little pain, and erubescence without capillary hemorrhage. The therapy is done once every other day, and 10 times make up a course of treatment.

1. Acupuncture therapy has a certain therapeutic effect in treating cervicitis. The effective power generally may reach to 80%-90%. Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, needling collaterals, and injection ad acumen all have the intended effect.

2. If the patient is 40 years old, fluor with the color of yellow-red, should expel cancer.

3. Patient should control sexual intercourse, ware of hygiene during menstruation and puerperal, and keep cunnus clean.
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