Acupuncture Single Points for functional uterine bleeding
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Functional uterine bleeding is uterus non-cyclic hemorrhage caused by functional disorder of neuroendocrine, which has been eliminated hemorrhagic disease all over the body and conspicuous organic diseases in generative organ by clinical examination. Because the difference of the regularity of bleeding, volume of blooding and bleeding time, uterine bleeding dysfunctional can be divided into functional uterine bleeding of adolescence, functional uterine bleeding in reproductive age, functional uterine bleeding in menopause clinically. In TCM, it belongs to massive or incessant extra-menstrual vaginal bleeding. Bleeding suddenly, coming urgently, and huge volume of blooding are called massive extra-menstrual vaginal bleeding; few volume of blooding, coming tardy and unceasing is called incessant extra-menstrual vaginal bleeding. Functional uterine bleeding may come about with the result of innate excess of yang in the body or depressed emotion, pathogenic fire derived from stagnation of liver-Qi, or invasion of pathogenic heat or hyperphagia of pungent food. Which lead to thermal injury to chong and ten channels; anxiety or sorrow too much, improper diet and overtiredness, which will impair the spleen-qi, cause the disfunction of controlling, and deficiency of thoroughfare and conception vessel; or congenital deficiency of kidney-qi, or intemperance in sexual life, which will impair the kidney-qi failure to store and deficiency of thoroughfare and conception vessel so that menstrual bleeding happens not on time. Therapeutic principle is removing heat to cool blood regulate qi and remove blood stasis, solify the chong channel to stop bleeding, invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, warm the kidney to promote yang, and nourish yin of kidney.

1. Yinbai (SP1)
Treat with moxibustion. Smear a little Vaseline on the skin so that the moxa cone can stick to the point. Then put the moxa cone (the size is just like a piece of wheat) on the point, kindle it, and use the nipper to remove it and change a new one when the patient feels a little burning pain. This method is done with 3-7 cones, which lead the skin appear to blush without blebbing. Or use moxibustion with a moxa stick for 15-20 minutes, which will result in the skin to blush. Treatment is done 3-5 times every day, and 3 days makes up a course of treatment. The next course of treatment begins after 3 days resting.   

2. Qihai (RN6)
(1) Moxibustion: use moxibustion with hanging up the moxa stick (distance between cutaneous covering 5 cm) 15-20 minutes, which will result in the skin to blush. Treatment is done 2-3 times every day, and 10 times makes up a course of treatment.

(2) Point-injection therapy: Let the patient be dorsal position, with routine sterilization; choose 5 or 6 gauge pinhead to needle the point with 3-5 ml vitamin B12 or parenteral solution of astragalus mongholicus. After obtaining qi, inject 2 ml medication slowly. The treatment is done once every day or every other day, and 10 times makes up one course of treatment.

1. It is belong to serious disease in department of gynecology, and acupuncture and moxibustion has a good effect on treating the disease. But the course of treatment is a little long, should ask the patient to insist on treating for 2-3 menstrual cycles to solidify curative effect.

2. If bleeding many times again and again in critique age, gynecologic examination should be done to identify diagnosis.

3. When bleeding, the patient should keep quiet and rest in bed. Take notice of regulating the emotions, and avoid internal damage of seven emotions. Also should pay attention to the meat and drink.

4. Aware of menstrual hygiene, avoid to the irritation of cold and mental strain. Femme should publicize health information and labor protection, who are engaged in jobs of different character and surroundings.
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