Acupuncture Single Points for infertility
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Reproductive aged women without contraception and her husband has normal function of procreation, not to be pregnant if has normal sexual life more than 2 years after marriage is called primarily infertility. If women already has procreation or abortion, but can not to be pregnant over 2 years is called secondary infertility. In TCM, primarily infertility is named "without children", or "complete not to produce"; secondary infertility is "duanxu". It is mostly caused by congenital renal deficiency, or loss of blood and essence, to cause deficiency of chong and ren channels, cold invasion into uterus meridians and fail to be pregnant; or depressed emotion, which lead to stagnation of liver-qiand disharmony between qi and blood, or extravasated blood remain inside, qi-stagnancy and blood stasis, or dys-splenism, endogeny of phlegmatic hygrosis, stasis and phlegm hindering mutually, then vascular obstruction of uterine collaterals occurred. Therapeutic principle is warming kidney and uterus, soothing the liver-qi, invigorating spleen to remove phlegm, and promoting blood flow to remove blood stasis.

1. Zhongji (RN3)
Let the patient lay on the back, with routine sterilization, needle perpendicularly at the depth of about 1.5 cun with 2 cun 28 gauge filiform needle (should empty the bladder). After obtaining the qi, continuously rotate the needles in order to let the sensation of needles radiate to lower abdomen, and retain the needle for 30 minutes with manipulating the needle 2 times. The treatment is done at menstrual period and proliferative stage, and once every other day. While begins at the 12th day of menstrual cycle, it is done once per day.

2. Zigong (EX-CA1)
Use point-injection therapy: Let the patient be sitting or dorsal position, with routine sterilization, choose 5 or 6 gauge pinhead to needle the point with parenteral solution of angelica or uterine of 3 ml. After obtaining qi, inject 1-2 ml medication slowly. The treatment begins at the 12th day of menstrual cycle, once per day and continuous 5 times.

1. The causation of infertility is complicated, so the doctor should find out the reason before treatment to treat symptomatic infertility.

2. It is better to treat during ovulation period, which starts at the 12th day of menstrual cycle. Adopt an effective method to treat 3-5 day's continuously, in order to promote ovulating.
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