Acupuncture Single Points for malposition of fetus
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In normal fetal position, mostly is occipitoanterior position. If pregnancy of 30 weeks, find the fetal position is occiput posterior position, buttocks position, or horizontal position in prenatal diagnosis is named malposition. It is mostly caused by innate weakness of the pregnant woman, insufficiency of middle-warmer energy, which failing to promote the foetus to change position, or stagnation of liver-qi after pregnancy, disfunctional activities of vital energy, which will lead to the foetus could not turnover. Therapeutic principle is regulating blood and qi of the uterus.

1. Zhiyin (BL 67)
Moxibustion: ask the pregnant women to slacken the suspender, lay on the back, or sit on chair, adopt moxa stick moxibusting on zhiyin bilaterally for15-20 minutes, till she feels burning pain locally. Treatment is done once or twice every day, and to recheck after 3 days, in order to reach normal fetal position. Or use moxibustion treatment with moxa cones. Let the patient lays on the back, smear a little Vaseline on the skin so that the moxa cones can stick to the point. Then put the moxa cone on the point, kindle it and use the nipper to remove it to change a new one when the moxa cone only has 2/5 or 1/4 left and the patient feels a little burning pain. This method is done for 7-9 cones, which will cause the skin appearing to blush without blebbing. Treatment is done once every day, and to recheck after 3 days, in order to reach normal fetal position.

Acupuncture-therapy: Let the pregnant woman be dorsal position, with routine sterilization; needle the point perpendicularly at the depth of about 0.1 cun with 1 cun 28 gauge filiform needle. Intermittently twirl and rotate needle with small extent and mild intensity. It should be retained for 20 minutes. Treatment is done once every day, with manipulating needle 2-3 times, and 5 times make up a course of treatment to reach normal fetal position.

2. Sanyinjiao (SP 6)
Use moxibustion therapy: let the patient lay on the back or sit, moxibustion with moxa stick (distance between cutaneous covering 5 cm) for 10-15 minutes, which will be result in the skin to blush. Treatment is done once every day, and to recheck after 3 days, in order to reach normal fetal position.

Moxibustion has a good effect in treating abnormality of fetal position, and with highest achievement ratio in 7-8 months of pregnancy. After 8 months, the head of fetus fixed, and the fetus partly is fixity, which will influence the curative effect. Generally, the rate of correction of malpresentation may reach to more than 90%.Acupuncture and moxibustion therapy is convenient and safe, which will have no harmful effects to pregnant woman and fetus. Reason of malposition is vary, but some should treat by maternity department, such as stegnosis of cavitas pelvis, uterine malformation, and so on.
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