Acupuncture Single Points for menopause syndrome
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Menopausal syndrome also named perimenopausal syndrome. Critique age is transitional period that the function of female testis decline gradually to deprived completely, age critique can be from 40 to 60 years old, which can last for 20 years. During this stage, femme may show up a series of nervous system functional disorder symptoms, which is caused by sexual hormone decrease and senium of the organism, such as hot and reddish complexion, sweating when silent, lassitude, restlessness and easy to rage, dizziness, tinnitus and cardiopalmus, agrypnia and morbid forgetfulness, waist and limbs soreness, feverish sensation over the palm and sole, or accompanied by menstrual disorder. In TCM, it is called various symptoms circa-menopause, or pre-postmenstrual syndromes. It is result in gradually deficiency of kidney-qi, development, and reproductive function of human body to exhaust, insufficiency of blood, imbalance between YIN and YANG, then with the appearance of deficiency of kidney-yin, failing to store yang, or decline of kidney-YANG, meridian and vessels losing warm nourishing, partial excess or deficiency of kidney-yin or kidney-yang, which will lead to malfunction of zangfu. Or because of deficiency of kidney- yin leading to excessive rising of liver-yang, or insufficiency of kidney-YANG, and dyssplenism to produce the disease. Among the total, foundation of pathologies is renal deficiency. Due to the difference of body constitution, it can be divided into insufficiency of kidney-YANG, deficiency of kidney-YIN, and deficiency of both yin and yang of kidney clinically. Diseased region relates to liver, spleen, kidney, and chong and ren channels. Nature of the disease mostly is asthenia syndrome, or asthenia and sthenia syndrome. Therapeutic principle is nourishing kidney-yin to store yang, warming kidney to invigorate yang, invigorate vital energy, and invigorate the spleen.

(1) Shenshu (BL 23)
Acupuncture-therapy: Let the patient be prone position, with routine sterilization, needle it perpendicularly at the depth of about 1.5 cun with 2 cun 28 gauge filiform needle. Rotate it continuity after deqi. It should be retained for 30 minutes during which it is manipulated 3 times.

2. Guanyuan (RN4)
(1) Treatment with acupuncture. Let the patient lay on the back, with routine sterilization, needle perpendicularly at the depth of about 1 cun with 2 cun 28 gauge filiform needle (should empty the bladder). After obtaining the qi, continuously rotate the needle in order to let the needling sensation radiate to the lower abdomen, and retain the needle for 30 minutes with manipulating the needles 2 times. Treatment is done once every day.

(2) Treatment with moxibustion. Let the patient lay on the back, moxibustion with moxa stick (distance between cutaneous covering 5 cm) 15-20 minutes, it will result in the skin to blush. Treatment is done 2-3 times every day. Or use moxa-cone moxibustion, smear a little Vaseline on the skin so that the moxa cones can stick to the point. Then put the moxa cone on the point, kindle it, and use the nipper to move it to change a new one when the moxa cone only has 2/5 or 1/4 left and the patient feels a little burning pain. This method is done with 3-7 cones, which cause the skin appear to blush without blebbing. The treatment is done once per day, and 10 times make up a course of therapy.

Adopting acupuncture therapy can receive a good curative effect in treating menopausal syndrome. But the time of therapy proper to be long, and long-term effect is fine. Besides acupuncture, psychotherapy is an important way to nurse one's health if the patient has some mental change.
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