Acupuncture Single Points for agitans paralysis
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Agitans paralysis (Parkinson’s disease) is a common extrapyramidal degenerative disease of the central nervous system, which is characterized by static tremor, myotonia, hypokinesia and postural abnormality. This disease is called in Traditional Chinese Medicine (abbreviated as TCM) "the syndrome of tremor", "trembles", etc. According to the theory of TCM, the basic pathogenesis of agitans paralysis is concluded as the deficiency of qi and blood, the disorder of liver and kidney and the disturbance of anemogenous phlegm. The internal generation of wind causes tremor, the undernutrition of musculature produces stiffness and hypokinesia. What's more, the origin of endogenous liver wind lies in the deficiency of blood. With further deficiency of yin, yang will be affected. Yin and yang both become deficient. According to TCM, eliminating stasis and dissipating phlegm are the major therapies to relieve tremor.

1. Sishencong (EX-HN1)
It's necessary to acupuncture EX-HN1 with all the four needle tips oriented towards DU20 with mild reinforcing-reducing method or other alternatives on the basis of pathogenetic conditions. Subsequently, electro-acupuncture with low frequency may be added into the therapy. Each treatment should last for 20-30 minutes. One treatment should be given everyday or every other day and the course of treatment is 30 times.

2. Controlled Area of Saltatory Tremor
The stimulation area of head acupuncture covers from corona capitis to temple in the cephalic lateral plane, where length of 1.5 cm is prior to the line between anterior EX-HN1 and GB6. Insert needle quickly with the angle of 30° by the filiform needle of 1.5 cun (No.28-30), then push the needle body along the skin into Subgaleal area. Rotating techniques and lifting-thrusting method are operated to initiate meridian-qi. Rotate needles bilateral with a frequency of about 200 times per minute as soon as the patient gains acu-esthesia, continuing for 2-3 minutes, and then retain needles for 30-60 minutes during which one manipulation should be given every 10 minutes. Remember to treat it every other day, and 10 times make up a course of treatment. After a 3-5 days’ rest, the next course should begin.

3. Dazhui (DU 14)
Puncture DU14 deeply if the patient trembles seriously. Use the filiform needle of 2.5-3 cun and insert into the skin 1-1.5 cun, to make the patient produce electrified sensation conducting to limbs or the whole body, and then pull the needles out immediately without rotating, lifting and thrusting or retaining the needles. An alternative method is pricking DU14 with triangle-edged needle and cupping with big cup. This treatment performed one time per 2-3 weeks.

The acupuncture therapy can well improve the symptom of stiffness, lessen tremor and decrease the dose of drug by mainly adopting the cephalic points. But the course of the acupuncture treatment lasts a long time.
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