Acupuncture Single Points for hysteria
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Hysteria is a type of neuropsychiatric disturbances caused by psychical stimuli or adverse suggestions. Most are of abrupt onset, and is defined as temporary mental subnormality or disturbance of sensation and motion but has no foundation of structural disease. Hysteria is seen more commonly in young women. Psychological factors such as depression, irritation and sentimentality result in the disharmony of activity of Qi or adverseness of Qi and stagnation of phlegm. Thus the meridians are blocked and the upper orifices are obstructed. Treatment of acupuncture is aimed at promoting Qi to dissipate phlegm and activating meridians by resuscitation.

1. Baihui (DU 20)
After sterilized by Iodophor, prick the needle into the underlayer of aponeurosis of occipitofron talis muscle horizontally with a needling angle of 15-30° backward. Then rotate the needle stimulating moderately and intensively to make sure patients have conspicuous needling sensation or diffusion of needling sensation. Retain the needle till the symptoms are evidently relieved.

2. Yanglingquan (GB 34)
This point is used in Hysterical paralysis. Prick the filiform needle 1-1.5 cun vertically into bilateral points. Reduce by rotating needles, and strengthen the needling sensation diffusing upwards and downwards. Tell the patients to move extremities gradually. The retaining time depends on when symptoms disappear. Combination of electronic needle is also available.

3. Fengchi (GB 20)
This point is used in hysteropes. Insert the needle tip 1 cun into the point horizontally. Perform rotating and lift-thrusting method to transmit the needling sensation to the whole temple or to patients' forehead where can get the tingling. Manipulate needle intermittently, and retain the needle for 20-30 minutes. 10 times form one course of treatment, one time per day.

Acupuncture is highly effective for treating Hysteria. Filiform needle and electronic needle are often clinically used. Primary treatment should be attached great importance, and make sure to gain efficiency for the first time. Keep silent and avoid adverse stimuli when treating. Psychological implication can be combined to the treatment. Use filiform needles that are thicker and longer to perform lifting-inserting and rotating method. Be sure to make the patients feel the needling sensation, and enable them to realize the response and improvement. In this way, patients' confidence can easily be established which is good for cooperation in the treatment.
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