Acupuncture Single Points for postconcussion syndrome
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Cerebral concussion is a kind of transient functional disturbance seen in brain, due to the head injury caused by the hit of violence. If there remains a trail of symptoms such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, degraded memory, impaired concentration, etc. positive check cannot be seen during the neurologic check, thus we regard it as postconcussion syndrome. This disease is a category of diseases such as "headache", "vertigo" and so on in TCM. According to the theory of TCM, the pathogenesis is blood stasis in the encephalic collateral, which is an aggravation of qi-stagnancy and blood stasis caused by trauma. Promoting qi to activate blood and dredge the meridians to stop pain are the two main acupuncture and moxibustion therapies.

1. Weizhong (BL 40)
After the routine point-skin sterilization, prick triangle-edged needle quickly into BL40 in popliteal fossa with 0.5-1 cm, in order to bleed it 2-3 ml. Cupping for 10-20 minutes when the bleeding get arrested. Treat it every 3 days.

2. Hegu (LI 4)
Insert 1 cun filiform needle vertically by 0.5-0.8 cun after the routine point-skin sterilization, and then apply the powerful provocative maneuver of rotating and lifting-inserting to make the acu-esthesia ascend shoulder and head. Retain the needle for 30 minutes, and manipulate it once every 10 minutes. One treatment should be given every day and 10 times make up a course of treatment.


The acupuncture therapy is effective to postconcussion syndrome. The acupuncturist should take advantages of the initial stage of this disease. If the therapy is given during the attack, it is required that acu-esthesia be marked, manipulating needle be intermittent, retaining needle be prolonged and working in with electro-acupuncture, triangle-edged needle, etc.
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