Acupuncture Single Points for senile dementia
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Senile dementia is progressing organic disease accompanied with mental declination. People over 65 suffer more from it. The older one is, the higher the chance is. Clinically, it is marked by obvious dementia, highly memory disturbance, and dramatic change of personality. It is equal to "dementia", "amnesia" in TCM. It is mainly caused by the asthenia of Five Zang organs in adults or the old, especially the asthenia of liver and kidney, which led to the deficiency of sui sea and is not able to nourish the eyes. Besides, it can also be caused by the disharmony between heart and kidney, or phlegm and blood stagnation m the brain. The acupuncture and moxibustion is used to reinforce the kidney and get ride of the phlegm and blood stagnation.

1. Sishencong (EX-HN1)
The four points should be needled horizontally toward Baihui (DU20) with lifting-thrusting method or twirling-rotating method to produce the warm sensation, and then as soon as sensation comes, withdraw the needles. It should be needled once every other day, 15 times make up one course of treatment. Another course begins 5 days later.

2. Shenshu (BL 23)
The injector fixed with the compound angelica or salvia injection or CDP with number 6 tip is slowly inserted to the point and quickly injected 0.5-1 ml in each point as soon as qi arrives. The treatment is applied once every other day. 10 times make up one course of treatment.


Acupuncture and moxibustion is used to reduce the symptom, shorten the duration of disease, improve the function of cortex cerebralis, and strengthen the energy metabolism of nerve cell. The point in the head can not only be manipulated by hand but also added by electrical needle. This disease is sticky and has long course of treatment.
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