Acupuncture Pair Points for acute bronchitis
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Disease and Condition Overview
Acute Bronchitis is characterized by viral or bacterial infection of the bronchi or acute inflammation of bronchi caused by allergic reaction to chemicals and irritants. The main symptom is coughs accompanied by rib pain and also symptoms of upper respiratory infection such as stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, headache, sensitive to cold, and fever.

Pair-point Treatment Combinations

(1) Dazhui (DU14), Feishu (BL13) (Fig 73)
Dazhui (DU14): on the posterior midline, in the depression below the seventh cervical vertebra.
Feishu (BL13): on the back, below the spinous process of the third thoracic vertebra (T3), 1.5 cun lateral to the posterior midline.
Dazhui (DU14) is the confluence point of hand and foot of six yang channels. It dispels wind, disperses cold, and clears heat and release the exterior. Feishu (BL13) is the back-shu point of the lung. This pair point combination, releases the exterior, clears heat, harmonizes and regulate lung qi. Appropriate for all types of acute bronchitis.

Needling techniques:
1. Dazhui (DU14) perpendicular insertion 1.5 cun.
2. Feishu (BL13) perpendicular insertion 1 cun.
3. May combined with cupping treatment.

(2) Kongzui (LU6), Hegu (LI4) (Fig 74)
Kongzui (LU6): on the medial border of the radius, along the line connecting Chize (LU5) and Taiyuan (LU9), 7 cun proximal to the distal wrist crease.
Hegu (LI4): on the dorsum of the hand, midway between the junction of the first and second metacarpal bones.
Kongzui (LU6) is the xi-cleft point of hand-taiyin channel, treating all acute diseases of the lung organ. Hegu (LI4) clears heat, expels the pathogenic elements, opens channels and invigorates luo-connecting channels. This pair point combination, clears heat, releases the exterior, stops cough and relieve pain. Appropriate for acute bronchitis with fever, coughs.

Needling techniques:
1. Kongzui (LU6) perpendicular insertion 1.5 cun.
2. Hegu (LI4) perpendicular insertion 1 cun.
3. Use even tonify, even reducing method or reducing method.

Acupuncture treatment of acute bronchitis has excellent results, for those with fever, coughs, chest pain, and sore throat. When combined with cupping on Dazhui (DU14), it has great effect in reducing heat. Cupping on Feishu (BL13) point can expel phlegm and reduce inflammation.
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