Acupuncture Single Points for aphthous stomatitis
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Aphthous stomatitis is a common kind of ulcer damage in oral mucosa. The characteristic is yellow-white ulcer of bean large in the mucosa, and it recurrent attacks in periodicity. So it is called recurrent aphthous stomatitis or aphthous stomatitis. Although it is recurrent, prognosis is good, and it is self-limited. In Chinese medicine, it belongs to oral gan. It castigates into deficiency and excess syndromes. The excess syndromes results from taking in too much pungent and greasy food and pure wine, brimming heat of the heart and spleen, invasion of wind and dryness, fire and pathopoiesia evil poison changed from heat attacks the mucosa. The deficiency syndrome is results from deficiency of original yin, and excess of labor and disease consuming the yin of heart and kidney, and excessive of deficiency fire attacking the buccal cavity. Wind-dispelling and heat-clearing is suited for excess syndromes while yin-enriching and heat-clearing is fit for deficiency syndromes.

1. Sanyinjiao (SP 6)
At first, dilute the transfer agents with 2 ml sterile distilled water. Insert 5# needle into the point after sterilizing, do lifting-thrusting and twirling-rotating manipulations until getting the needling sensation response. Retain the needle for 3 minutes, and influx the liquid into the acupoint, using one ramus each time and 1-2 times per week, 10 sessions constituting one therapeutic course, and l-6 courses will be OK.

2. Yongquan (KI 1)
Choose the points of both laterals, add vinegar into the powder of Wuzhuyu, and cover the points with it. The treatment is given every two days in order to down bearing fire to its origin.

3. The point 1.5 cm-2 cm lateral to Dazhui (DU 14)
After sterilizing the skin insert a three edged needle into the point, and cut down 2-3 piece of fibrous tissue subcutaneously, and then crushing the pinprick to let out a little of blood. Scrub the blood with sterilized cotton ball, and then sterilize the wounds with iodine tincture. Cover it with gauze. The treatment is given two times per week.

4. Chengjiang (RN 24)
Do acupoint injection with aethocaine hydrochloride on this point, 2 ml every acupoint. The treatment is given every two days, and six times will be OK.

1. It is along period for using acupuncture to deal with aphthous stomatitis, and there are valuable experiences. Acupuncture is a kind of convenient and feasible way while other treating way is ineffective.

2. Take less pungent and greasy food, raw meat, strong tea, coffee, etc. If riboflavin deficiency stomatitis is companioned, please take vitamin B2 or complex vitamin B, stop smoking and abstain from wine, be away from Unhealthy Habits. Please keep dental hygiene, and remember the alternation of working and recreation. Do exercises to keep fit.
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