Acupuncture Single Points for auditory vertigo
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Auditory vertigo is the result of labyrinth endolymph dropsy. This defects' main character are episodic vertigo, the undulatory property deafness, the tinnitus, distention of head, and is accompanied by nausea, disgorging, diaphoresis and so on. When the defect break out, motionless can reduce the dizziness, the activity aggravates. The traditional Chinese medicine thought that it is mainly caused by internal injury, concerns body weak, anxiety and rage and the diet strong and so on. The treatment principle are dissipate phlegm, recuperates the qi.

1. Pressure pain point below the right costal region. It located under the right costal arch to be apart from the appendix ensisternum 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 cun.
To straight thrust 0.5-1 cun, make the needle handle shake 15-20 times roundly, keeps needle 30 min, every other 5 min by above technique turning needle one time. Daily one time, 10 times make up a course of treatment.

2. Baihui (DU20)
The hair on Baihui to be snipped (approximately 1cm2), spread a little petroleum jello, place directly the soybean size's moxa cone on baihui, needs moxibustion 20-30 zhuang generally. After the moxibustion, needle zusanli, with catharsis. Every other day once time. If forms the moxibustion scar note cleanly, but does not need the special handling. Feeling anaesthesia on Baihui is unusual reaction, therefore the moxibustion treatment must make anaesthesia to transfer the ache, the dizziness often relieves along with anaesthesia vanishing. Daily one time, 10 times make up a course of treatment.

3. Yanglingquan (GB34)
Inject 0.5 ml respectively with 654-2 inoculation fluid in the both sides acupuncture point. Daily once time, 3 times are a treatment course.

4. Wangu (GB12)
Takes the bilateral acupuncture point, to with the side angulus oculi lateralis straight thrust 0.5-1.5 cun, with mild reinforcing-reducing method, in the ear presents the emissive sensation or the numb and aching bulge feeling, keeps needle 20 min. Daily once time, a 10 treatment course.

1st, the acupuncture treating this defect result is good, at the acute attack, to checks the symptom to be quite valid specially.

2nd, to the long illness frequent outbreak, must dispel thought worry, the psychological psycho treating significant role cannot neglect. Holds peaceful appropriate to the occasion evenly, avoids the noise and the emotion fluctuation, is not suitable excessively tired. Avoid certain foods smoke, alcohol, strong tea, coffee and so on irritant foods. The notice exercise body, the enhancement constitution, fosters the good law of life.
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