Acupuncture Single Points for cataract
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A variety of reasons caused by the lens turbidity, called caligo lentis. It's with the characteristics of eyes turbidity, vision descending slowly, and gradually blind, and it is one of the major disease leading to blind. It belongs to Chinese medicine scale of "round films barrier innermost". It's because of elder and weakness, leading to insufficiency of kidney and liver and sophisticated blood shortage; or weakness spleen losing transformation, and clear qi not raising, making eyes lacking nutrition. It is treated by tonifying liver and kidney, and nourishing blood and essence.

Eyes District
Break the walnut in half, resolve the nuts, and leave the l/2 walnut shell for reservation. Radix bupleuri 12 g, white chrysanthemums, chanyi, mimeng flowers, Dendrobium, peppermint, Chinese wolfberry, chuanxiong, yeming sand, shengma, shichangpu and qingxiangzi 10 g respectively, wrapped by fine gauze, put in the medicine pot, add 600 ml of cold water, soak for 60 rain, then cook it up to boiling for 5 min, and insert walnut shells, soaking for 30 rain before using it.

Use a small wire making of spectacle frames and plus a wire in the anterolateral, curve it to rectangular, and fix with the frames, to fix the moxibustion. And wind separated cotton pad around the frame to prevent burning skin of eye area. Well-soaked walnut shell will be fixed on the frame with the convex towards outside, and the frames are adjustable for size of walnut shell, and then wire it, making walnut shells deduction on the eyes. Moxibustion with a little smoke, 2 of 25 mm, insert the wire outside the frames, light it from the inside at the eye area separating by walnut shell, and it is appropriate when having warmed sense. Moxibustion 30 min every time, one time a day, 15 times will make up a course of treatment.

1. Acupuncture treating has a good effect on the early-term and medium-term, to improve symptoms and improve the patient's vision. A longer period time of acupuncture will make the lens opacification stable or delay. In the advanced maturity stage, it prefer to surgical treatment.

2. Pay attention to protecting eyes to prevent from the bright light and wearing glasses with the function of ultraviolet absorption will have effect of controlling the development of caligo lentis.
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