Acupuncture Single Points for conjunctivitis
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Conjunctivitis is a frequent disease of ophthalmology, being caused by bacterium or viral infection, or chemistry and physics factors. The clinical manifestations are conjunctival congestion, mucous or suppurative secreta. Acute conjunctivitis is commonly called pink eye and similar to conjunctival congestion with swelling and painful in TCM. The etiology and pathology is retention of exogenous wind-heat and seasonal pathogenic factors in the eye and stagnation of fire; or by exuberant liver and gall fire attacking the eye along the meridians. Exterior and interior pathogen combines in the eye. Make the stagnation of qi and blood. So the principle is clearing heat, detumescence, relieving stagnation and pain.

1. Zhongchong (PC 9)
Taking double sides points while the invasion of both eyes and taking double sides points alternately while the invasion of simple eye. The needling is done once a day, 1-3 times a period.

2. Shangming
Taking in the midpoint of arcus super ciliaris and below the margo supraorbitalis. Push the eye ball downward with the left hand, the right hand inserts the needle 0.5-1.5 can slowly into the point, following the orbital border, without lifting and thrusting technique, which can combine slight rotating to reinforce stimulation. The needling is done once a day, 1-2 times a period.

3. Erjian (HN 6)
Taking the point of the trouble side, use fast insertion to bleed with three edged needle. The needling is done once a day, 1-3 times a period.

4. Sensitive point in the region of scapulars or 0.5 cun to the Dazhui Routine cleansing, and then breaking down 2-3 roots of the fiber subcutaneouly with needle, finally crushing the wound with dry cotton ball. It is done once three davs.3 times a period.

1. It is simple to treat acute conjunctivitis with acupuncture with perfect curative effect, which should be used promptly. Majority of the patient can feel obviously relieved 1-2 times.

2. Acute conjunctivitis is characterized by contact infection. So degermation and detention of the patient's washing tool and public title, strict administration of the hotel, bathing pond and hair cutting shop is quite important. In the clinic, strict degermation of staffs' hands, medical apparatus and instrument and sewage is critical. Avoid to kneading the eyes with hands.
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