Acupuncture Single Points for gingivitis
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Gingivitis is a kind of inflammation of gum margin gingival papilla. The chief symptoms are gingivitis and hemorrhage. It is can be found any people. This ill is because of the invasion of wind and heat, and the gloomy fire stagnates in the yang ming channels, or the stagnation of stomach fire, and the fire flare up accord to the channel, or the deficiency of kidney yin, deficiency fire flare up can cause the disease. Clearing the heat and relieving pain are the therapeutics.

1. Xiaguan (ST 7)
Choose suffered lateral acupoints, oblique needling into the point 2 cun until feeling numbness, soreness and distention. The treatment is given once daily, 10 sessions constituting one therapeutic course.

2. Hegu (LI 4)
Choose opposite side acupoint, twist the needle for 2-3 minutes to get weak needling stimulation, and subexcite it with lifting-thrusting manipulation for 10 minutes, and at last twist the needle in large amplitude for 1 minute. If the patients feel the sensation numbness, soreness and distention transfer upwards, that will be effective. The treatment is given once daily, 10 sessions constituting one therapeutic course.

3. Ashi point
Look for tenderness points on the maxillofacial region where toothache is, and insert the needle straight for 0.5 cun. Twist it with moderate stimuli after getting the needle sensation. Retain it for 20-30 minutes. The treatment is given once daily, 10 sessions constituting one therapeutic course.

1. Acupuncture can release the pain and eliminate inflammation, and when use it treat gingivitis, it can stop the pain immediately.

2. Clean the oral cavity, brush the teeth every morning and evening and rinse the mouth after meals to keep dental hygiene. Try to clear away the dental calculus.

3. Do exercises to keep fit. Massage gum 3-5 minutes sooner or later. Click teeth 30-50 times to promote topical blood circulation. Improve the immunity of periodontium.
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