Acupuncture Single Points for hordeolum
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Hordeolum refers to small sclerosis, pain swelling, like a grain of wheat, easily crushed the puss's Syndrome, also known as "Stye", which generally invades one eye and is to see more in young people. Chinese medicine says that the disease caused by wind-heat, which resident in the cell eyelid, and fire burns fluid; or eating too much spicy items, making stomach plot heat, which attacks eyelid through meridian, leading to stagnation of qi and blood, resulting local pyogenes; or Spleen-qi weakness, losses right to transportation, making pathogenic damp products heat, disturbance in circulation of qi and Blood, and it is not recurrent. It is treated by dispelling wind and eliminating dampness.

1. Quchi (Llll)
From the opposite point, use the three-edged needle prick bleeding. One time a day, the general treatment about 1-3 times.

2. Houxi (S13)
From the opposite point, direct wheat moxibustion for continuous 3 zhuang. Generally it is healed after treating once.

3. Erjian (EX-HN6)
From the affected point, use the three-edged needle prick bleeding. One time a day, the general treatment for 1-3 times.

4. Point between scapular area, on the level of the thoracic vertebroplasty 1-7, explore pink rash points, or sensitive spots on both sides.
Select parts with conventional disinfection and use the NO.6 subcutaneous injection needles breaking 2-3 white fibers, knead the point until hemorrhage, and press wound with dry cotton. One time a day, the general treatment for 1-3 times.

1. It gets good result on the early running of hordeolum and can be rapidly relieving swelling and killing pain, and mostly healed after treatment for 1-3 times.

2. On the early running of the disease, fomentation can be combined. Install half a jar of burning water, put the wet towels on the top mouth, and place the wet towels on affect eye, for 10-15 minutes fomentation every time, several times a day. This method can promote blood circulation and help inflammation dissipate.

3. Avoid squeezing the affected parts, or it causes the spread of infection, and aggravating to eyelid cellulitis, or even leads to sepsis, cavernous phlebitis and endangering lives.
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