Acupuncture Single Points for juvenile myopia
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Juvenile myopia is characterized by clear vision to near region while blur vision to far region, which is belong to ametropic eye. It often can be seen in the adolescent period. The etiology and pathology is the stagnation of the eye collaterals, dis-nourishment of the eye in TCM, which is caused by innate deficiency, infaust habit, for example, mistaking sitting position and so on. So the principle is invigoration of the liver and kidney, nourishing qi and improving acuity of vision; improving eyesight.

1. Chengqi (ST1)
Insert the needle about 1 cun slowly into the point toward jingming by the angle of 30°. Keeping the needle5 min when feeling sour, distend or weeping in the eye area, without lifting and thrusting technique or great extent of rotation. Crush the part with dry cotton ball 1-2 min to avoid bleeding. The needling is done once a day, 10 times a period.

2. Kangshi
Take the point 1 cun above the apex conchae auris of the trouble side. Oblique needling quickly into the point toward eyeball, with moderate extent of rotation 1 min until feeling distend and sore, keeping for 10 min. Then take moxibustion 1 min, keep the needle 30 rain. The moxa stick is 1 cun to the point to warm the needle and the point. The needling is done once a day, 10 times a period.

1. It is widespread to treat adolescent brachymetropia with acupuncture in clinic with perfect curative effect to adolescent pseudo myopia. But as true myopia as be concerned, it is not indeed.

2. The efficacy of the treatment of adolescent brachymetropia with acupuncture in the near future is perfect (the effective power is between 85% - 98%), but the prospective efficacy is below the mark, the rate to repeat is high while stopping needling.
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