Acupuncture Single Points for otitis media suppurative
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The otitis media suppurative is one kind of clinical common disease, frequently-occurring disease, is middle ear mucous membrane inflammatory pathological change which causes by the suppurative pathogenic bacteria intrusion. Oozing pus by the ear is primary character, accompanies in the earache, the ear the abdominal bloating, the hearing decrease. The traditional Chinese medicine thought that this defect are mainly caused by wind thermal wet attack, draw-off the fire of liver and gall, the external and internal injuries influences the ear; or spleen loses transports, endogenous dampness, overflows the ear; or because of kidney deficiency of yin, the phlegm and wet corrupt. The treatment principle are nourishing yin, invigorating the spleen, clearing the heat.

The point lies between the antilobium and Tinggong point outside 1/3.
Takes the affecting side acupuncture point, shallow inserts 0.1 cun; removes the acupuncture needle; does not hold back the pinhole. Once daily, 3 times make up a course of treatment.

1st, the acupuncture treating acute tympanitis result is remarkable, has analgetic, the sterilization, the reduced secretion function; May also reduce the symptom to the chronic tympanitis, the partial cases ooze pus symptom vanishing, but has the recrudescence possibility.

2nd, before the acupuncture treating, should note the clean external auditory meatus purulent secretion, holds the external auditory meatus dry clean, the unobstructed drainage, otherwise influence curative effect.
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