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Acupuncture Single Points for infantile diarrhea
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Infantile diarrhea is one of the diseases with highest incidence and mostly occurs in summer and autumn. Onset of symptom occurs most often below age 2. Its clinic manifestation is digestive tract disorder, diarrhea. Sever diarrhea is accompanied with Water-Electrolyte disorder. It belongs to vomiting and diarrhea, accumulation syndrome, chronic infantile convulsion in TCM. Deficiency of spleen and stomach, improper milk and food cause the disease. Therapeutic principle is rectifying spleen and resolving dampness.

1. Shenque (RN8)
① Salt interposed moxibustion: let patient be dorsal position, apply pure and dry salt into the navel and put a piece of fresh ginger above it, which should be cut into 0.2-0.3 cm thickness. Puncture some pores in the centre of the piece of ginger, then put a moxa cone on the ginger, and kindle it. Change a new one after the cone burns out. This method is done with 5-9 cones each time.
② Herb application on the acupoints, aconite accessory tuber 6 g, dry ginger 6 g, evodia fruit 6 g, Chinese gall 6 g, poria 6 g, ovate atractylodes root 6 g, cinnamon bark 6 g, are ground into fine power and divided equally into 4 moiety. Take one portion herb powder to make a paste with heated eatable vinegar. Put it into gauze bag, and apply topically the hot bag on the patient umbilicus. Change the bag once every day.
③ Laser acupuncture therapy. Choose He-Ne laser acupuncture to irradiate Shenque (CV8) point. The therapy is done for 20 minute each time and once every day.

2. Changqiang (DU1)
Acupuncture-therapy: let the patient be prone position, needle Changqiang point at antero-superiorly direction and along the position between coccygeal bone and rectum at the depth of about 0.5-0.8 curt with 1 curt 30 gauge filiform needle. Continuously rotate the needle in small amplitude for 2 minute, but don't lift and thrust the needle. Withdraw the needle and press the hole with sterilized cotton ball. Treatment is done once every day and 10 times makes up a course of therapy. Take a rest for 3-5 days, continual the next therapy course. Rush moxibustion. Let the patient be prone position, mark the acupoint with color pen. Then dip a 3-4 cm long rush stem into oil (seasame oil or peanut oil ) about 1 cm. Imbibe the oil on the surface of rush stem with soft tissue paper to avoid too much oil dropping to burn the patient's skin and clothes. Doctor hold the rush stem on its up side of the junction of the up side and middle side with his right hand. Kindle the rush stems with not too big flame, and move the igniting end near to the acupoint. Wait a while to let flame burn a little and cauterize perpendicularly the acupoint without hitting too heavy or too far away, just touch the skin with the igniting end. Quickly move the rush stem away from the skin and put out the flame when hearing "pa", the clear and melodious blasting sound. Do it again if there is no such sound. The point skin turns a little yellow, or a little blister occasionally, which is perfect. Apply Adergon on the surface to avoid infection when the blister turns rupture. In common, one treatment can check diarrhea. Treat again after 3 days if diarrhea is not curing.

3. Zusanli (ST36)
Let the patient be dorsal position, with routine sterilization, choose (ST36) both side, and needle perpendicularly at the depth of about 0.5-0.8 curt with 1 cun 30gauge filiform needle. Rotate the needle in medium amplitude for 100 times and withdraw the needle. Treatment is done once every day and 10 times makes up a course of therapy. Take a rest for 3-5 days before therapeutic course.

1. Acupuncture therapy is the effective way to treat infantile diarrhea. But serve diarrhea should be treated by combining drug or integrating traditional and western medicine.

2. Feeding child with nutritive and digestive food should fix time and quality. Pay more attention to regular milk and food in treatment.
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