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Acupuncture Single Points for hypertension
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High blood pressure is defined as a systolic pressure at rest that reaches 140 mm Hg ( 18.7 Kpa) more, a diastolic pressure at rest that reaches 90 mm Hg ( 12.0 kPa ) more, or both. In most people, high blood pressure causes no symptoms. Headaches. dizziness, tinnitus, stuffy chest, palpitation, insomnia and numbness of the limbs may associated with high blood pressure. Severe or long-standing high blood pressure (especially malignant hypertension ) can produce symptoms such as serious headache, tachycardia, angina. blurred vision and shortness of breath, restlessness, and so on. However, In TCM, this disease is included in the following category: headache , dizziness and liver wind treated with herbs for calming the liver to suppress the hyperactive Yang.

1. Jiangyagou ( GPS) or Ear apex (HX67i)
Pricking and pressing on Jiangyagou ( GPS) or Ear apex (HX67i) in either side is used to cause bleeding at amount of several drops.

2. Renying (ST9)
The patient takes supine position and is punctured on Renying (ST9) at depth of 1 cun. Tilt needle handle is throbbing with the pulsation of the artery and then is kept for 5 minutes, once daily for 5 times as one duration.
Geshu (BL17)
Imbedding a subcutaneous needle in Geshu (BL17) bilaterally for 3-7 days.
Quchi (LII 1)
A fine needle is employed and puncture from Quchi (LI11) to Shaohai (HT3) and left for 1 hour after needling sensation is felt.
Dazhui (DU14)
A three edged needle is applied to cut skin about 1 cm long lesion horizontally through Dazhui (DU14), which leads to slight bleeding, and then cupped for 5-15 minutes, once a week for 5 weeks at most.

Although acupuncture on single point is effective to improve hypertension, it is better to be applied with prescription based on differentiation of the symptoms and signs as routine treatment.
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