Gallbladder Meridian of Foot-Shaoyang

Acupuncture Single Point Fengchi
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[Location] Localized in the erect sitting position or prostrate position or in the lateral recumbent position. On the nape, below the occipital, on the level of DU16 (Fengfu), in the depression between the upper ends of the sternocleidomastoideus and trapezius muscles. (Fig.51)
[Regional Anatomy] Skin→Subcutaneous tissue→ between the trapeziusmuscle and strapezius muscle and →splenius muscle of head→semispinal muscle of head→between large posterior straight muscle of head and superior oblique  muscle of head. Superficial layer, the distribution of the minor occipital nerve, and the branches or the subordiantial ramus of the occipital artery and vein ; deep layer, the lower occipital nerve.

actupuncture single point fengchi

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