Diseases of Otorhinolaryngology

Acupuncture for pharyngolaryngitis
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Pharyngolaryngitis refers to acute inflammation of the throat, seen in the premonitory signs of some acute infectious diseases and usually occurring in the winter and spring. The main clinical manifestations are sore throat, burning sensation in the throat, swelling of laryngeal mucus with the sensation of foreign object. Pharyngolaryngitis is similar to acute obstructive syndrome of the throat or obstructive syndrome of the throat due to wind-heat in TCM, usually caused by sudden change of weather, weakness of defensive qi, invasion of pathogenic wind-heat into the lung meridian and retention of pathogenic wind-heat in the throat.

Chronic pharyngolaryngitis refers to chronic inflammation of the laryngeal mucus and lymph tissues, usually caused by repeated relapse of acute pharyngolaryngitis and seen among the middle-aged people. The main clinical manifestations are dry throat, burning sensation in the throat and sensation of foreign object in the throat. Chronic pharyngolaryngitis pertains to the conception of chronic obstructive syndrome of the throat or obstructive syndrome of the throat due to asthenic fire in TCM, usually caused by remaining of pathogenic factors in prolonged diseases, asthenia of both the lung and kidney, failure of yin fluid to nourish the throat and hyperactivity of asthenic fire.

Syndrome Differentiation
1. Sthenia Syndrome
Reddish swelling of the throat, burning pain and obstructive sensation in the throat, accompanied by fever, thirst, sweating, headache, cough with sputum, thick and yellow sputum, constipation, brownish urine, reddish tongue with yellow fur and rapid pulse.

2. Asthenia syndrome
Discomfort in the throat, dryness and mild pain in the throat, preference for little drinking, dry cough without or with scanty and sticky sputum, flushed cheeks in the afternoon, feverish sensation in the palms and soles, aching and weakness of the loins and knees, vexation and insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, reddish tongue with scanty fur and thin and rapid pulse.

1. Body Acupuncture
Prescription: Shaoshang (LU 11), Hegu (LI 4) and Lianquan (CV 23).

Modification: For sthenia syndrome, Fengchi (GB 20), Neiting (ST 44) and Quchi (LI 11) are added; for asthenia syndrome, Taiyuan ( LU 9 ), Yuji ( LU 10 ), Zhaohai (KI 6) and Taixi (KI 3) are added; for severe cough, Chize (LU 5 ) is added; for profuse sputum, Fenglong (ST 40 ) is added; for tidal fever and night sweating, Yinxi (HT 6) and Fuliu (KI 7) are added; for aching and weakness of the loins and knees, Zhishi (BL 52) and Weizhong (BL 40) are added.

Performance: For sthenia syndrome, reducing needling technique is used; Shaoshang (LU 11) is pricked with three-edged needle for bloodletting; Fengchi (GB 20) and Hegu (LI 4) are needled with rotating technique for reducing purpose. For asthenia syndrome, the main acupoints are needled with mild reinforcing and reducing techniques while the compatible acupoints are needled with reinforcing technique; no moxibustion is applied.

2. Ear acupuncture
Prescription: Throat (TG3), Lung (CO14), Kidney (CO10) and Lower Tragus (TG2).

Performance: Chronic pharyngolaryngitis is needled with medium and strong stimulation and chronic pharyngolaryngitis is needled with mild stimulation. Each time 2 - 3 acupoints are selected to needle. Or Wangbuliuxingzi (Semen Vaccariae) is used for ear acupressure alternatively on both ears, 3 - 4 times a day.
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