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Acupuncture Single Points for male infertility
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The male infertility refers that in the child-bearing age, husband and wife living together for more than 2 years (it is 1 year in WHO stipulation) and having not taken any contraceptive measure, while the wife can not to be able to become pregnant because of the reproductive disfunction of the husband. Clinically, it is divideed into absolute infertility (aspermatism) and relative infertility (oligospermatism) according to the sperm situation; it can also be divided into the primary infertility (after marriage the husband can never cause the wife to become pregnant) and the secondary sterile (the wife once had birth or became pregnant) according to the morbidity process.

Generally the reasons to male infertility include environment contamination, venereal diseases transmission, drugs taking, excessive drinking, excessive smoking, metal stress, drug abuse and so on. The male infertility belongs to "does not have child" and "dose not have heir"in TCM. And it is relevant with liver, spleen and kidney function being out of balance, particularly with insufficient kidney Yin and kidney Yang. Male infertility is mostly caused by deficiency of both QI and blood, phlegmatic hygrosis, humid heat and qi-stagnancy and blood stasis. The therapeutic principle includes invigorating the kidney, nourishing yin to lessen fire for the deficient syndrome, eliminating phlegm by cooling, damp elimination for the sthenia syndrome.

1. Guanyuan (CV 4)
Use Rgy Wormwood Leaf to make large moxa cone. A 3mm depth of Ginger moxibustion is attached to Guanyuan, and then adopt the ginger-partitioned moxibustion, 5 cones every time. Apply it once a day, 10 times a course. Pause for 5 days between the two courses.

2. Fenglong (ST 40)
The point is sticked 0.8-1.2 cun. After sensing the Q, apply the lifting and thrusting and rotating techniques and keep the needles for 30 min. Adopt rotating needling each 5 min, and every other day for one time, and 10 times for a treatment course. During the treatment period, fasts the raw and cold fruits and wines.

1. The acupuncture treats primarily male infertility caused by the functionality pathogenic factor, and has obvious influence to the low fertility man's sperm mass. The sensation of the acupuncture needle is a very important influence curative effect factor. If the sensation of the acupuncture needle can arrive at the penis or even glans, the curative effect is ideal, otherwise is unsatisfactory.

2. The patient should be optimistic, cheerful. In the sex life process, they should be robust, and the emotion surges upward. But in treatment period, they should control the sex life suitably, i.e. 1-2 times for each month suitably.
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