Diseases of Urinary System

Acupuncture Single Points for prostatitis
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Prostatitis is a nonspecific infection of male corpus glandule, and manifested by frequent urination, urgent micturition, painful urination, difficult urination and painful distended perineal region. It belongs to "Lin syndrome" in TCM. It is resulted mainly from damp toxin, eating and drinking without temperance, indulgent sexual activities. The therapeutic principle includes clearing away the heat-evil and damp toxin.

1. Huiyin (CV1)
The patient keeps on supine position. After regional sterilizing, the point is sticked forward into 6-7 cm, and then does the same at both sides. Arrival of Qi should appear, and be sent to lower abdomen and waist shinbone department. Once 2 day, 6 times as a course, and generally apply it for 4 courses.

2. Special acupoint: for Prostatitis middle point between Huiyin (CV1) and anus
The patient keeps on supine position. After regional sterilizing, the point is rect-sticked 1.5-2 cun by 3 cun-needle, keeping on twisting after arrival of Qi, retaining the needle for 20 minutes. Once a day,10 times as a course.

Acupuncture and treatment can clear away the heat-evil and damp toxin, disappear causes the inflammation, decrease symptom, the function improvement, has common curative effect (average effectiveness rate to reach about 90% ). If there is not effect for a long time, medicine should be used. When necessity an operation should exert.

For the he chronic prostatitis, it should be combined with the prostate gland lomilomi. Apply it 1-2 times each week, to promote the regional blood circulation, discharge the inflammation things. Be aware of the massaging strength and makes sure not to be excessive or fierce.
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