Diseases of Urinary System

Acupuncture Single Points for urinary stone
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Urinary stone is also called Urinary calculus. It is manifested by occasional presence of calculi in the urine, dysuria, dark yellow turbid urine, or sudden interruption of urinateon, unbearable pricking pain during urination, pain of the lumbus and abdomen, or presence of blood in the urine. In case the damp heat accumulates in the lower energizer, the urine is condensed into calculi, which hinders the Qi of the bladder, causing urinary stone. The therapeutic principle includes regulating Qi of bladder and promoting blood circulation to arrest pain.

1. Jingling: back of hand, between the forth and fifth metacarpal bone, at the middle point between back transverse striation of wrist and the forth metacarpophalangeal joint.
The point at affected side is sticked when the pain appears and manipulates needle for 3-5 minutes and the needling sensation transmitting to finger tip.

2. Zhishi (BL 52)
The point at pain-affected side is sticked with lifting and thrusting and rotating techniques for 3-5 minutes, retaining the needle for 15 minutes and manipulating needle every 5 minutes. Once a day, 10 times a course.

3. Ashi acupoint
Determinates the pain spot in the waist abdomen earnest and then the acupuncture brings about the desired sensation. In the technique line, twists the needle for 1 minute with strong stimulation. Use the large size cupping glass to keep the pain spot cupping again, keeps the pot about 10 minutes (take patient skin hyperemia, ruddily as). After having the pot, add the electricity stimulation, the electronic acupunctoscope wave form is the continuous wave, the strength of current should big (but endures take patient as ), and keep it for 30-60 minutes. It is suitable to the fierce-outbreaking ache.

For the acupunture treating of the urinary tract stone (below ureter the stone), the curative.
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