Mastitis, depression treated with Acupuncture Prescriptions
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Acupuncture Point Qimen (LR14)
Supine position; firstly, locate RuzhongST17(Ruzhong (ST17)) in the 4 intercostal space, 2 ribs directly below RuzhongST17(ST17) in the 6th intercostal space. It should be located on the midclavicular line in the 6th intercostal space in woman.

Soothing the liver and strengthening the spleen, regulating qi and activating blood circulation.

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-inferior border of gteater pectoral muscle-external objique muscle of abdomen-external intercostal muscle-internal intercostal muscle.
In the superficial layer, there are the lateral cutaneous branches of the 6th intercostal nerve and the trbutaries of the thoracoepigastric vein. In the deep layer, there ate the 6th intercostal nerve and the branches or tributaries of the 6th posterior intercostal artery and vein.

Hypochondriac pain, abdominal distention, hiccup, acid regurgitation, Mastitis, depression, febrile diseases.

Combined use with Pishu (BL20) and Changqiang (GV 1)Luo-Connecting Point) for treatment of acute hepatatrophy; with Acupuncture Single Point Dazhui for treatment of chronic hepatitis; with ChangqiangGV1 (GV1), Acupuncture Single Point Tiantu, XiabaiLU4 (Xiabai (LU4)), Zhongchong (PC9) Jing-Well Point) for treatment of precordial pain and dyspnea; and with Riyue (GB 24) Front-Mu Point of the Gallbladder) for treatment of cholelithiasis.

Insert the needle subcutaneously to 0.5-1 cun depth; needling response: local numbness and distention; moxibustion: using 3-5 moxa-cones, or mild moxibustion for 15 min.
Don`t puncture deeply, or else the needle would penetrate the intercostal muscle-the costal pleura-the costodiaphragmatic recess( puncture the lower border of lung in case the patient are inspiring )-the diaphragmatic pleura-the diaphragm-the liver and cause an injury to liver and lung.

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