Acupressure Points Hegu (LI 4) for Constipation
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Acupressure uses a system of 365 pressure points along the 12 energetic meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is also called TCM. Proponents of TCM believe that stimulating these points, by using fingertip pressure or acupuncture needles, can restore balanced health. Several points are traditionally stimulated to relieve constipation. Check with your health care provider before beginning any new medical program.

How It Works
Doctors of Oriental Medicine balance the flow of energy by pressing on body points. They focus on the liver and conception vessel channels to assist constipated clients. While an acupressure specialist would refer to this as stimulating your liver channel, a Western doctor might refer to it as boosting your digestive system.

He Gu Xue, Hegu (LI 4)
Found on the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger, the He Gu Xue point stimulates contractions in the digestive system, and is helpful for relieving Insomnia and shoulder tension. An acupressurist might hold this point firmly for up to two minutes in a session. Pregnant women should avoid stimulating this point, as it can induce labor contractions.

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