Acupressure brings comfort from symptoms of constipation
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Chronic sufferers of constipation are always advised to integrate changes in diet, exercise, and go in for a lifestyle overhaul. But besides this, there are other means that can also bring relief from constipation, and the ancient Chinese method of applying acupressure happens to be one of them.

Constipation is the cause of general discomfort, as it hinders the functioning of the digestive tract. Besides following physician's advice of consuming fiber-rich food and maintaining an exercise routine, acupressure can help in alleviating the symptoms of Constipation.

How does acupressure work?
Acupressure works on the principal that the imbalance of energies in the body is what causes it to malfunction. It is believed that energy travels through the meridians in the body. When these pathways of energy are hindered, the body exhibits symptoms of illness. The cure, therefore, lies in freeing the meridians so as to clear the way for the flow of energy.

It is believed that each meridian is linked with certain organs in the body. When one applies manual pressure to these specific points, it promotes the flow of energy, thereby allowing the body to heal.

Does acupressure cure constipation?
Proponents and practitioners of acupressure would certainly agree that it brings comfort from the symptoms of constipation. Applying acupressure is said to bring immediate relief, along with preventing symptoms from reappearing, provided that the practice is followed diligently. Additionally, acupressure requires minimum expertise, and can be safely practiced at home, paying heed to simple set of instructions.

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