Conception Vessel CV4 indicated for Endometriosis
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We know that blood vessels are the channels or pathways whereby the blood flows – to give nourishment and oxygen to our different body organs. In the same way, energy (qi) meridians are the pathways whereby different energies run through the body. I hope that simple explanation makes things clearer.

The Conception Vessel is the main highway of all yin energy of the body. I’m pretty sure you are familiar with the concept of yin and yang energies. They are like the North and South poles, negative and positive sides of the magnet. They are a pair, both equally needed in the body.

Yin energy is nourishing and about feeding, growth stimulating. Yang, on the other hand, gives warmth and protection.

The Conception Vessel is considered by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the "power behind reproduction." It is called ren mai in Chinese or the Sea of Yin. The pair of the Conception Vessel (CV) is the Governing Vessel (GV). The GV is the yang energy pathway, it runs from the anus through the back of the body and up to the top of the head. The CV which we are focusing on, runs from the anus out through the front of the body, across the front of the belly, the heart, the throat and to the mouth. See picture in the Part 1 article.

If you would notice, the organs which the CV runs through are mostly the organs involved with growth, feeding, reproduction: sexual organs, the womb, the stomach, heart, mouth.

There are 24 CV points, starting from CV1 which is in the anal part ending at the bottom part of the mouth, CV24.

Let us zoom in on CV4 acupressure point. This is the acupressure point very beneficial for endometriosis. Its Chinese name is Guan Yuan. Guan means gate and Yuan means Original, which means in this context ‘original life’, or it is said that if translated it means the life energy inherited from our parents. The name somehow relates to fertility, pregnancy and ancestry.

Why is it good for treating endometriosis?
CV4 is said to be the "main point for tonifying Prenatal Qi."
It is useful for problems relating to yin/yang qi and blood. In Part 1 I’ve mentioned that in TCM, endometriosis is considered under the blood stasis category, which means this is a problem caused by blood stagnation. CV4 addresses this blood stagnation problem of endometriosis.
It targets hormonal imbalances, infertility issues and a main point for all menstrual disorders.

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