Acupuncture points used to Treat Pulmonary Tuberculosis
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Caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, a very powerful infection.
The 4 symptoms of TB:
1. cough
2. cough blood
3. tidal fever
4. night sweat
5. emaciation
Lung Yin deficiency
P/T – nourish Lung Yin, kill bacteria, relieve cough
Acupuncture Rx – hand taiyin, foot yangming, foot shaoyin, *LU 9 (yuan), *KI 3, LU 1 & BL 13, BL 43, ST 36 & SP 6 (tonify mother)
Yin deficiency – Zhaohai (KI 6)
Fire – Rangu (KI 2), Xingjian (LR2)
Yin and Qi deficiency – Pishu (BL20), Weishu (BL21), Ren 6
Yin and Yang deficiency – Moxa Ren 4
cough Phlegm – Chize (LU5)
cough blood – Kongzui (LU6), Geshu (BL17)
tidal fever – Chize (LU5), 10 (purge Fire)
night sweat – Yinxi (HT6), Fuliu (KI7)

Lung Yin deficiency Fire
Lung Jing Luo are damaged, cough blood more, more Dryness and Heat symptoms, tidal fever, afternoon malar flush, T- red geographic
Acupuncture Rx – hand taiyin, foot shaoyin, LU 9 (yuan), LU 1 & BL 13 (mu/shu), KI 3 (Yin), LU 10 (deficiency Heat), LU 6 (xi-cleft, bleeding), HT 6 (night sweats)
Lung Qi and Yin deficiency
P/T – strengthen Spleen and Lung
Acupuncture Rx – hand and foot taiyin, moxa, LU 9, BL 13, 43 (Qi), SP 6, ST 36, Ren 17 (regulate Lung Qi)
- poor appetite – BL 20, 21

Yin and Yang deficiency
frothy pink bloody sputum, coldness, diarrhea, night and spontaneous sweats,
T- pale geographic, P- rapid empty
P/T – nourish Yin and Yang
Acupuncture Rx – hand taiyin, foot shaoyin and yangming, Moxa, LU 9 (yuan), BL 13, 43, 23, Ren 4, KI 3,
ST 36, Ren 17
Alternative treatment methods
auricular – LU, SP KI, endocrine, Shenmen, with electro or points injection
injection – TB points 3.5 cun bilateral to Du 14, and LU 1, BL 13.  Inject B1 and/or antibiotics
application – Wu Bei Zi 60g + Long Gu 15g (powder and mix with warm water and apply to points).  Try Bai Jie Zi on Lung area (antibacterial). Garlic on KI 1 is said to stop coughing blood.

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