Conventional Acupuncture Treatment for Constipation
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(1) Needling Point Zhigou (TE6)


Technique: Needle the point Zhigou (TE6) bilaterally, and apply chiefly the reducing needling manipulation or the even needling manipulation. This method treats mostly constipation due to heat.


(2) Needling Unilateral Points

Points: Fenglong (ST 40), Shuidao (ST28), Guilai (ST29) and points 2 cun lateral to Shuidao (ST28) and Guilai (ST29)


Technique: Needle each point l.5 to 2 cun deep, apply the reducing needling manipulation achieved by rotation; keep manipulating the needles for 15 minutes, and retain them for 30 minutes. This treatment should be performed once a day to relieve intractable constipation.


(3) Needling Such Points as Changqiang (GV 1)

Points: Changqiang (GV 1), Dadun (LR 1) and Yanglingquan(GB 34)


Technique: The patient should lie prone. Needle Changqiang (GV 1) first, rotate the needle five minutes after the arrival of qi, then needle Dadun (LR 1) and Yanglingquan (GB 34) bilaterally, using reducing needling manipulation. The method treats mostly constipation of the heat type.


(4) Needling Point Chengshan (BL57)

Technique: Take l.5-cun filiform needles and puncture Chengshan (BL57) bilaterally. The method mainly relieves habitual constipation.  The treatment should be performed once a day, 10 sessions in total.


(5) Needling Point Dubi (ST 35)

Technique: Needle Dubi (ST 35) unilaterally, either left or right, retaining the needle for 10 to 20 minutes. One session of treatment is  performed a day and 10 sessions constitute one course.

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