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Acupuncture Single Points for cholecystitis
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Cholecystitis is an acute or Chronic inflammation of the gallbladder wall and nearby abdominal lining. Acute cholecystitis is usually caused by a gallstone in the cystic duct and may be caused by bacteria or physical or chemical factors. Symptoms are mainly upper abdominal pain and accompanied by high fever with chills, jaundice, nausea and vomiting etc. The chronic cholecystitis generally exist with cholelithiasis, clinically manifested as repeated outbreak of pain in the upper tight part of the abdomen, indigestion, brashly gastral cavity, belching and hiccup etc.  In TCM, it is known as jaundice, hypochondriac pain or epigastric pain, and treated with herbs for clearing heat and dampness from the gallbladder to relieve pain.

1. Shenque (RN8)
The patient is required to lie on one side on the bed and is given suspending moxibustion on Shenque (RN8) with moxa stick till the area around the point is getting warm but not too hot for 15 minutes per session, which is mainly for chronic Cholecystitis.

2. Tender Spot
The tender spot in the abdomen is found and is injected subcutaneously with 0.3-0.4 ml sterilized distilled water and local skin will show orange skin-like change, which can also be used for biliary colic.

3. Qiuxu (GB 40)
A fine needle is applied from Qiuxu (GB40) on the right side towards Zhaohai (KI6) with reducing method, remained for 20 min.

4. Danshu (BL 19)
Danshu (BL19) on the right side is pricked with three edged needle and then cupped for 5 minutes.

5. Zhongdu (GB 32)
Zhongdu (GB 32) is perpendicularly punctured at depth of 1.2 cun and is heavily stimulated with lifting, thrusting and rotating method, then remained tor 30 minutes with manipulation of needle every 5-10 minutes.

6. Yanglingquan (GB 34)
A filiform needle is perpendicularly inserted into Yanglingquan at depth of 1.5 cun, heavily manipulated with rotating method for 1-2 minutes after there is needling feeling in the local area, then is kept for 30 minutes, which is operated once daily.

The effect of needling on single point has been proved in relieving pain. As for inflammation and gallstone, treatment on differentiation of syndrome or integrative treatment with other therapy will be better choice.
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