Diseases of digestive system

Acupuncture Single Points for habitual constipation
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Habitual constipation is defined as having decreasing bowel movement, prolonged interval and difficult to eliminate with constipation stools are usually hard, dry, small in size. Some people who are constipated find it painful to have a bowel movement and often experience straining, bloating in the abdomen, tenesmus, dizziness and debilitation etc. excluding organic factors.

1. Tianshu (ST 25)
The patient lays down in supine position with both knees bended, and the operator strongly presses and kneads clockwise. Starts from the left Tianshu to the right for 5 min with. Apply it once a night and maintain it for consecutive 7 days.

2. Zhigou (SJ 6)
The filiform needles are perpendicularly inserted into Zhigou (SJ6) on both sides with mild reinforcing and reducing method. Remained for 20 minutes, once daily.

3. Fujie (SP 14)
A subcutaneous needle is imbedded into Fujie (SPI4) on the left side and it is pressed by patient himself every 4 hours.

4. Renzhong (DU 26)
Renzhong (DU26) is pressed with finger tip several times per day.


Acupuncture treatment has quite effective functions to the habitual constipation. While if the constipation is caused by other diseases, it will be treated according to the differentiation of syndromes.
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