Different Methods of moxibustion to treat Common Diseases
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1. Moxa cone
A. Direct moxibustion:
Non scarring, no local scar on skin. Apply vaseline on on acupoint, then cone, burn about 2/5, remove cone & replace it with another one. Do several times until skin is red & congested. It may cause a blister Scarring: This method is not use in the west. There are several scarring methods to cause local congestion & blister such as garlic, Ban jie zi, Suan Ni (garlic)

B. Indirect moxibustion:
Herbs placed between the moxa and the skin. Combines the function of the herbs, the moxa and adds the energetic property of the herb.

Ginger moxibustion:
A slice of raw fresh ginger 2-3 mm thick, diameter of moxa cone, punch holes in ginger, place ginger on acupoint, then on cone and ignite it. If a burning pain occurs, slightly lift it, move it or place additional ginger slices. Use 5-10 cones until area is red. Ginger regulates Yin, dispels cold, relieves exterior syndrome, regulates middle jiao, harmonizes stomach, dispels accumulations, regulates Qi, promotes digestion and dispels water. Indications: deficiency cold syndrome such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, Stomachache, vomiting and joint pain.

Garlic moxibustion:
Same technique as for ginger slices. It has a strong stimulation on the skin and can easily cause blisters. It dispels cold dampness, expels pathogens, strengthens spleen & stomach, relieves swelling and resolves masses. For carbuncles, sores, Furuncle, lung TB and abdominal masses.

Salt moxibustion:
Only used in the umbilicus; fill navel with dry salt to skin level, ignite it or place slice of ginger between salt and cone. If umbilicus is not concave, place material on top of umbilicus, then salt and cone. Used for acute gastro enteritis such as vomiting, diarrhea and dysentery. Abdominal pain around umbilicus to rescue the Yang, for Yang collapse and cold limbs. Very good for chronic diarrhea.

Fu Zi moxibustion:
Slice fresh Fu Zi (aconite root) on acupoint, ground Fu Zi make a paste with rice wine, place herb under cone, same as ginger method, use 5-7 cones, skin will be warm & red. Fu Zi is acrid, warm, hot. Functions: Warm kidney, supplement Mingmen fire and various Yang deficiencies such as Impotence, diarrhea before dawn, cold limbs and carbuncle Yin type.

You can also use cones or cakes made of Hu jiao (pepper), Flos Caryophylli (Dingxiang), Cortex Cinnamomi (Rougui), Moschus (Shexiang) to treat Bi syndrome due to wind damp or numbness of local area. Mix Huang Tu with water to make a cone for carbuncles, sores on the back or eczema

2. Moxa Stick Moxa sticks or cigars:
Mild warm moxibustion, chronic diseases, about 1 to 2 cm from the skin for 3-5 minutes until skin shows reddish. It warms & dredges the channels, expels wind damp & cold, treats fainting & numbness. Put your own hand on area to control heat, use moxa between fingers especially when treating numbness. Round moxibustion, for chronic diseases, move stick in circular motion above point. Sparrow pecking, acute & child diseases, move in closer, then back up, do not touch the skin.

3. Warm needling:
Very common, combines the functions of acupuncture & moxibustion. Obtain De Qi, then use a pinch of moxa on needle handle, repeat 3-5 times, for Bi & Wei syndrome. Some people cut a cent size off a moxa stick, put a hole through & place it on needle handle.

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