TCM Treatment of Stomach-ache from Treating Liver
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Stomach-ache is treated by treating liver, the pathogenesis include various types: stagnation of liver-QI, pathogenic fire derived from stagnation of liver-QI, stagnation of Qi and blood stasis, yin damage of Liver-stomach, liver-cold attacking the stomach, etc.

(1) Stagnation of liver-QI, take soothing liver and regulating Qi as the main method, regulating stomach and relieving pain, choose Chai Hu Shu Gan San with modification.

(2) Yin deficiency of liver-stomach, nourishing Yin and liver, benefiting stomach to generate body fluid are the key treatment principle, use Yi Guan Jian with modification as the prescription.

(3) Pathogenic fire derived from stagnation of liver-QI, soothing liver to disperse fire is the main treatment method, the prescription is Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San, Hua Gan Jian or Long Dan Xie Gan Tang with modification.

(4) Qi stagnancy and blood stasis, the treatment focuses on regulating Qi and promoting blood circulation to stop pain, the prescription is Shi Xiao San with modification.

(5) Liver-cold attacking the stomach, the treatment focuses on warming liver to expelling cold, regulating stomach to lowering the rebellious. Taking Huang Qi Jiang Zhong Tang decoction as the main prescription, adding Liang Fu Pills or Zuo Jin Pills according to the symptoms.

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