Hemorrhoids, Epilepsy treated with Acupuncture Prescriptions
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Acupuncture Point Changqiang (GV1)
Kneel down and lie prostrate, or chest-knee position; in the depression between anus and the lower end of coccyx.
Regulating lower jiao, clearing heat and promoting diuresis, tranquilizing the mind and dredging the collaterals.

Regional Anatomy:
Skin-subcutaneous tissue-anococcygeal ligament.
In the superficial layer, there are the posterior branches of the coccygeal nerve. In the deep layer, there are the anal nerve of the pudendal nerve and the anal artery and vein of the internal pudendal artery and vein.

Diarrhea, bloody stool, Hemorrhoids, prolapse of the rectum, Constipation, pain in the lower back, Epilepsy.

Combined use with Chengshan (BL57) for treatment of rectocele and hemorrhoids; with Huiyang (BL35) for treatment of anal eczema and prostatitis; with Shenshu (BL23) for treatment of impotence and emission; with Acupuncture Single Point Mingmen for treatment of dysentery; with Acupuncture Single Point Shenzhu for treatment of infantile epilepsy; with Sanyinjiao (SP6) for treatment of infantile enuresis; and with ChengshanBL57 (BL57) for treatment of enterorrhagia.

Insert the needle obliquely to upward 1-1.5 cun depth, needling response: local distention and pain; moxibustion: using or mild moxibustion for 10 min.

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