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Guilin, China's most picturesque city

The city of Guilin, former capital of Guangxi, is considered by the Chinese themselves as China's most picturesque city. Guilin also ranks second on the "Ten Best" list of Chinese tourist destinations, i.e., second only to Beijing itself. Guilin is situated in the northeastern quadrant of Guangxi, almost due west of Hong Kong, from which it can be reached by air in an hour's time. The city's name means "forest of Sweet Osmanthus" ("gui" means "osmanthus tree" while "lin" means "forest", Osmanthus fragrans, or sweet osmanthus, being a bushy, evergreen shrub common to China, Japan, the U.S. and the Middle East, whose white, scented blossoms - called "cinnamon flowers", or "cassia flowers" - are used to flavor certain teas).

Elephant Trunk Hill, the symbol of Guilin City

As a famous saying goes, scenery in Guilin is the most beautiful under heaven. Guilin is one of well notable tourists destinations. With its landscape of abrupt mountains admist verdant river, Guilin mesmerizes numerous worldwide travel-addicts annually. The breathtaking scenery, azure blue sky, crystal clean water, crisp fresh air, rolling hills, wired caves and beautiful rocks would be a great feast to your eyes.

Fubo Hill gives you a great bird's eye view of Guilin

Located in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin enjoys a pleasant subtropical monsoon climate, and is spring all year round. This tourist city features unique karst landform and beautiful mountains and rivers, boasting a large number of places of interest, such as the Solitary Beauty Peak, Elephant Trunk Hill, Folded Brocade Hill and Seven-Star Park, etc. Lijiang Scenic Area is indeed the soul of tour in Guilin. The Lijiang River originates from the Mao’er Hill in Xing’an County, Guilin. A boat excursion in the 83-kilometer-long Guilin-Yangshuo section is like sailing across a scroll of a magnificent traditional Chinese landscape, with the reflection of grotesque peaks, limpid water, green hills on both banks, cowboys singing and fishermen angling leisurely and farmer’s homes.

Former US president Bill Clinton and his family were having a cruise along the Li River.

Guilin is also an ancient cultural city with a long history. There are many cultural heritages with a higher literary, historical or artistic value from the Han to the Qing dynasties and even to modern times, such as the Prince City of the Ming Dynasty, Guihai Stele Forest, Official Residence of Li Zongren, especially the water conservancy culture represented by the Ling Canal of the Qin Dynasty, the King Fan Culture of the Ming Dynasty represented by the Prince City, and the landscape culture represented by the cliffside stone inscriptions and landscape poems.

Former US president George Bush and his wife Barbara were having a cruise along the Li River

Guilin is home to multi ethnic groups living harmoniously here, including Zhuang, Miao, Yao and Dong. The beautiful mountains and rivers nourish the folklore and customs of these ethnic groups and make the city more attractive. The traditional long-drum dance of the Yaos is famous for its nice movements; the Yueye gathering of the Dongs is famous for its rich contents; the marriage customs of the Zhuangs are distinctive, such as song contest festival, throwing balls made of rolled colored silk, carrying a bride on the back, ladder-chopping, bridge-dismantling and singing in antiphonal style; wandering in the moonlight and 18 rules for antiphonal singing are the customs of the Miao youngsters to express their affection for each other. All these will make you forget to go back.

Jingjiang Prince Palace of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Night scene of Guilin City

Night scene of Guilin City

Impression Liu Sanjie is the first and biggest live scene theatre in the globe

Longji Terrace is artistically built to adapt to the mountain patchwork

Reed Flute Cave is called an "Art Palace of Great Nature."

"I have visited more than 80 countries and over a hundred cities. I have found that no city can surpass the beauty of Guilin. Guilin is really a bright pearl in China." said the former US president Richard Nixon.

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