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Guilin, A Land Of Longevity

Guilin is a place famous for its longevity phenomenon. According to experts, Guilin is among the best areas for human living. The International Alternative Medicine Association declared that Guilin was the city ranked fifth for longevity in the world. Compared with the four higher ranked longevity towns, the percentage of longevous people in the population of Guilin is the highest. The ratio of longevous people over age 100 in the population was 3.54/10000. According to the 5th national population census in 2000, the number of longevous men over age 90 had reached 530. Followings are the secret of longevity in Guilin.

Guilin has enjoyed the reputation of having the most rich herbal resources in China.

Fresh Air: contrast sharply with metropolis, Guilin is blessed with extremely fresh air saturated with rich negative oxygen ions. You can carry on the lung therapy here day and night, for free. Karst caves from vicinity such as Seven Star Cave, Reed Flute Cave are not only wonderlands but also natural oxygen reservoirs. Many senior citizens will drop by to breathe in fresh air.

In Guilin, houses are mostly built along brooks or at the foot of mountains.

Mineral-rich Spring: according to locals, if you take a bottle of water from Mao’er Hill, it will last for one year and is still drinkable. Many young girls use them as toner. Three traits distinguish Guilin's water: first, its PH index is 7.2-8.5; second, it is rich in minerals; third: the particles are very fine and can be absorbed by body easily. Water here can relieve many ailments such as sleepless, diabetes, headache and heart disease. Tea prepared with water here is notable for its aromatic and appetizing taste.

Even in modern times, many citizens in Guilin still keep the conventional lifestyle.

In Guilin, wherever you go, you can enjoy the land of idyllic beauty.

Good sleep + Sunshine (Far-infrared Therapy) due to geomagnetic: the wonder and miracle above the land lies under the earth. Underlying this city lies a fault zone, which attributes to the longevity of locals directly. Outsiders can feel that they can sleep like a baby here. Locals seldom fall prey to heart attack or skin disease, for the magnetic can filter the harmful UV and preserve the good ones. In Guilin, walk into the sunshine and you can enjoy free far-infrared therapy, around 5 hours per day yearly. Even in hot summer, you won’t get sunburn. Far-infrared sunshine can not only activate water, but also activate our body cells, improve metabolism, enhance immune system and boost blood circulation.

In Guilin, the ratio of longevous people over age 100 in the population was 3.54/10000.

Food: just as the saying goes, you are what you eat. Peek into the menu of these over 100-year-old "immortals", you will find rice, corns, sweet potatoes and vegetables outweigh meat significantly. Light-flavored dishes with low content of salt, sugar, fat and animal fiber are consumed every day.

Centenarian in Guilin enjoy taking herbs for health care, which attributes to the longevity directly.

Herbs: Chinese people have been developing knowledge on medicine, extending longevity and maintaining health. The Chinese longevity symbol is well known for symbolizing health, wealth, love, virute and longevity. Guilin is a city surrounding by mountains and waters, where thousand kinds of wild herbs grow. For this reason, the local people enjoy gathering herbs and take herbs for health preservation.

It's said that people can live a long life after drinking the spring water in this well.

The stone inscription for 寿 in Chinese character means LONGEVITY.
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