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Health care during menopause
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Women enter the climacterium at the age of 45 to 50. During climacterium, imbalance of yin and yang occurs due to the gradual deficiency of the kidney qi and deficiency of thoroughfare vessel and conception vessel, giving rise to light-headedness, headache, tinnitus, palpitation, insomnia, restlessness of the mind, irascibility or depression, menstrual disorder, fever, sweating, etc. These phenomena are called menopausal syndrome. The health measures at this stage are as follows.

1. Regulating emotions
Women should remain optimistic, open-minded and self-confident, actively adapt themselves to the various discomforts due to physiological changes.

health care during menopause

2. Regulating the diet">Regulating the diet for recuperation
The women during climacterium suffer from profuse or scanty menstrual blood as well as short or prolonged menstrual cycle due to the gradual deficiency of the kidney qi. As a result, they are susceptible to anemia. In this case, they can selectively eat high-protein foods like egg, animal liver, lean meat and milk as well as vegetables and fruits such as spinach, rape, tomato, peach and orange to cure anemia. The patients with hypertension of hyperactive yang type due to yin deficiency may eat coarse food grain (including millet, ground maize, and oatmeal, etc), mushrooms, celery, apple, Chinese hawthorn, wild jujube, mulberry, and green tea, etc. They should eat less salt and abstain from drinking, coffee, strong tea, pepper and other irritative foods. More information, please read Gynecological Invigorating the Spleen.

3. Regular physical examination
Women during climacterium are susceptible to genital tumor. If menstruation lasts more than ten days or profuse menstrual blood tends to cause anemia, the women should see a doctor. In the case of vaginal bleeding or profuse leukorrhea after menopause, the women should see a doctor in time to perform the relevant examination and timely treatment. Physical examination should be conducted in every half a year to every one year so as to discover the diseases as early as possible for early treatment. This includes cancer prevention. More information, please read Gynecological Regulating Qi and Blood.

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