Life cultivation based on constitution

Constitution with blood deficiency
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Constitutional characteristics: Pale and lustreless or sallow complexion, pale lips, failure to endure physical labor, susceptibility to insomnia, pale tongue and thready pulse without force.

1. Regulating the mind
The people with blood deficiency often have low spirits, insomnia, amnesia and distraction. Therefore, they should inspire their enthusiasm. They may appreciate music and dramas, watch humorous Xiaopin (humorous performance), etc. Learn more information, please go on reading Production of Blood.

2. Regulating the diet">Regulating the diet
The foods of supplementing and tonifying blood may be regularly taken such as mulberry, litchi, pine nut, black edible fungus, spinach, carrot, pork, mutton, cattle liver, sheep liver, soft-shelled turtle, sea cucumber and butterfish.

constitution with blood deficiency

3. Life cultivation with drugs
People with blood deficiency may often take Danggui Buxue Decoction (Chinese Angelica Decoction for Replenishing Blood), Siwu Decoction (Decoction of Four Ingredients), or Guipi Decoction (Decoction for Invigorating the Spleen and Nourishing the heart). In the case of deficiency of both qi and blood, qi and blood should be both tonified. The selected prescriptions include Bazhen Decoction (Decoction of Eight Precious Ingredients), Shiquan Dabu Decoction (Decoction of Ten Powerful Tonics), or Renshen Yangrong Decoction (Ginseng Nutrition Decoction). The above prescriptions may be also changed into the dosage form of pill for prolonged administration. Learn more information, please go on reading Flos Caryophylli (Dingxiang). Learn more information, please go on reading Bee Honey (Fengmi).

4. Regulating daily life
"Prolonged use of eyes consumes blood." Accordingly, overuse of eyes or mental overstrain should be avoided.

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