Life cultivation based on constitution

Constitution with excessive yang
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Constitutional characteristics: Sturdy physique, flushed complexion, loud voice and breathing, preference to cool with aversion to hotness, preference to cold drink, dark and feverish urine and foul stool.

1. Regulating the mind
The people with excessive yang are susceptible to movement and irascibility. Therefore, they should enhance self-cultivation of morality and temper their willpower in daily life and cultivate good personality. They should control themselves consciously and overcome the emotional impulse rationally when encountered with things exasperating. Learn more information, please go on reading Bombyx Batryticatusc (Baijiangcan).

2. Physical training
Fishing, playing the game of go, etc. are the first events to be selected. In addition, swimming and Taijiquan may be selected according to personal hobbies.

constitution with excessive yang

3. Regulating the diet">Regulating the diet
The people with excessive yang should abstain from pungent, hot-natured and dry-natured foods like hot pepper, ginger and Chinese green onion, eat less warm-natured and yang-natured foods like beef, dog meat, chicken and venison, eat more cool-natured fruits and vegetables such as banana, water melon, persimmon, bitter gourd, tomato and lotus root. They should abstain from excessive drinking.

4. Life cultivation with drugs
Soak Juhua (Flos Chrysanthemi) and Kudingcha (Herba Lactucae Taiwanianae) in boiling water for oral administration at ordinary times. In the case of constipation, Maziren Pill (Sesame Pill) or Runchang Pill (Bowel-Loosening Pill) may be used; in the case of dry mouth and tongue, Maimendong Decoction (Ophiopogon Decoction) may be used; in the case of vexation and irascibility, Danzhi Xiaoyao Powder (Ease Powder of Moutan Bark and Cape Jasmine Fruit) may be used. Learn more information, please go on reading Haematitum (Daizheshi).

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