Life cultivation based on constitution

Constitution with qi depression
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Constitutional characteristics: Emaciation or relatively fat physique, dim or sallow complexion, occasional impetuosity and irascibility, susceptibility to excitement, occasional melancholy, chocking sensation and discomfort in chest, occasional inclination to sighing, reddish tongue with pale fur and taut pulse.

1. Regulating the mind
The people with qi stagnation are introverted and liable to melancholy. According to the principle "Joy checks melancholy", they should seek for joy actively, participate in more social activities and collective recreational activities, watch more comedies and dramas, but should not watch tragedies. Besides, they may listen to more light, cheerful and lively music. Learn more information, please go on reading Rhizoma Cyperi (Xiangfu).

2. Physical training
Sports and traveling activities can both exercise the body, promote the circulation of qi and blood. Thus, it is advisable for these people to take part in more such activities.

constitution with qi depression

3. Regulating the diet">Regulating the diet
They may drink a small quantity of spirit to dredge blood vessels and eat more food of promoting qi flow such as fingered citron, orange, mandarin orange peel, buckwheat, chives, fennel, garlic, ham, Chinese sorghum, sword bean and Chinese toon.

4. Life cultivation with drugs
The drugs of soothing the liver, regulating qi flow and relieving depression are commonly used such as Xiangfu (Rhizoma Cyperi) , Wuyao (Radix Linderae), Chuanlianzi (Fructus Meliae Toosendan), Xiaohuixiang (Fructus Foeniculi) , Qingpi (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride) and Yujin (Radix Curcumae) . The prescriptions like Yueju Pill (Pill for Relieving Stagnancy) may be selected. The drugs of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis may be used to make up a prescription in the case of blood stasis due to qi stagnation. Learn more information, please go on reading Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride (Qingpi).

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