Health care of the eyes

How to protect the eyes in Chinese medicine
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1. Rotating the eyeballs
This can increase the luster of the eyeballs and the acuity of sight, remove cataract and nebula, and remedy myopia and hyperopia. The method is as follows. After waking in the early morning, close the eyes first. Then, rotate the eyeballs from the right to the left and from the left to the right respectively for ten times. Next, sit with the eyes opening and look at the left and the right, the upper left comer, the upper right corner, the lower left corner and the lower right corner respectively and repeatedly for four to five times. Besides, open the eyes to rotate the eyeballs and then close the eyes to rotate the eyeballs respectively for about ten times before the bed time in the evening. More information about 0ptic Neuritis, please continue to read Optic Neuritis Pills.

2. Looking far into the distance
This can regulate the function of the eyeballs and prevent hypopsia due to the distortion of the eyeballs. People may selectively look far into the mountain, trees, grassland, blue sky, white cloud, bright moon, starlit sky, etc. But they should not fix their eyes on one site. Otherwise, it is harmful conversely.

how to protect the eyes in chinese medicine

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