Lifestyle and diet recommendations around menstruation
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Lifestyle & Diet Recommendations around Menstruation

Women's constitution and certain functions of the body is very different to that of men, especially around menstruation, or period time. If we pay more attention to lifestyle and diet, we can avoid many of the uncomfortable symptoms mentioned above.

lifestyle and diet recommendations around menstruation

1) Avoid drinking or eating or even touching cold things around menstruation (ie. ice-cold drinks, ice cream, anything refrigerated – leave until room temperature).


2) Avoid heavy, strong or fast-paced exercise around menstruation, especially movement that causes pressure around the lower back and abdomen area.


3) Avoid emotional issues and keep happy and calm during period time.


4) Arrange work (career and home) so that you are not too busy or too tired around menstruation.


5) During menstruation drink more warm water or soup and when the period is finished eat a certain amount of nutritious food to restore energy. This will especially benefit those with a Qi or Blood deficiency.

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