Skin is strongly associated with certain internal organs
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The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Chinese Medicine believes that the skin is not separate to our body. The skin has a physical and pathological function that is strongly associated with certain internal organs. We will now list the organs that are strongly associated with the skin and its condition.

Skin and Lung
Chinese medicine considers the Lung to dominate the skin and help the pores to open and close. If the Lung function becomes disordered it will affect the skin health and will cause the following conditions:
a. When the body is attacked by the external Wind and Heat (virus) it will affect Lung function. The body will then develop sneezing or sore throat and the skin can be itchy or have a rash or shingles.
b. If you smoke for a long time, you not only have a cough and phlegm or disorder of the Lung but also dry skin.

Skin, Heart and Liver
The Heart and Liver dominate the body's circulation and emotions.  Any circulation and emotions can affect the skin. This means that if the body has a Heart and Liver function disorder it will cause heat and toxins in the blood, flaring up on the skin causing certain skin problems or making them worse, such as pimples, eczema or rashes.

Skin and Kidneys
The Kidneys dominate the body's original Yin and Yang which is in charge of all stages of the body and skin. If the Kidney has a Yin and Yang disorder it will cause the following skin problems: dry skin, hot flushes (especially around the neck and face) and perspiration.

skin is strongly associated with certain internal organs

Skin and the Large Intestine
The skin and the Large Intestine are strongly related. If the body over eats (including hot and spicy foods) and drinks it may cause a lot of toxins to build up in the intestines, which will show on the skin.  The following skin problems are common: boils, pimples, rash, itchiness. The body may also have the following symptoms: constipation, pungent flatulence, bloating.

What to do if you have dry skin
1) Help from other Chinese Medicine & other therapies. If you are unsuccessful in treating your dry skin, find another way of treating it. It is important to find the cause of the dry skin as mentioned above. Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the natural therapies you can choose to help resolve this condition.

2) Lifestyle & Diet
a. Relax – arrange your lifestyle and work so that it is not a very stressful environment; avoid becoming emotional – these will affect the Liver and cause Liver Heat.

b. Avoid drinking alcohol and eating hot, spicy or deep-fried food; avoid onion, ginger, garlic, chives, shellfish and lamb – these can create Heat in the Liver, Lung or digestive system and flare up the skin.

c. Be sure to eat a certain amount of greens and cooling foods, such as celery, cucumber, green leafy vegetables, carrots, spinach, green tea, peppermint tea, mung beans, eggplant, lemon and pear. For more details, please check my diet therapy articles.

d. Exercise in nice and comfortable conditions, avoiding strong sunshine – exercise that is too fast or strong can flare up Heat.  

e. Sleep – make sure you have enough sleep; avoid going to sleep to late (best time is before 11pm)

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